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I am a DCJS unarmed certified officer!

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  • I am a DCJS unarmed certified officer!

    I am unemployed and looking for work in Virginia. I am currently living in Newport News an recieving unemployment. I want a career job in security with room for advancement. I am tried of died end contract security jobs thats all they are jobs and I really do not like that. The sites pay to low and the cost of living is too high there is no equal opportunity anymore.

    I would like to work for a company that cares about all the needs of a average US citizen employee. I am not military I just enjoy working private security. I would take low paying job if the company will pay more once I am up too speed in training.If there anyone in this forum that can help me I really would be greatful.

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    Networking like this is a good start and shows initiative. Many companies today seem to perfer job applications done on line. There are also recruiters that for less than 20 dollars will circulate your resume. Check the yellow pages.

    Is your resume up to date? Spend 4 or so hours getting the wording right.
    Are there companies near by that have in house operations?
    What about the City Government, Border Security etc.

    Keep looking and be ready (resume, education etc)when an opportunity arrives.
    Good luck ( and some times you have to make your own)
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      I am also certified as unarmed security. The best thing that I can tell you would to go for a higher certification, such as armed or as a special conservitor of the peace. That is about the only way that you could advance.
      Keeping the parking lots safe, hallways moving and the Chik Fil A busy.