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interesting comments you have heard while in uniform

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  • boes1970
    The things i've heard....

    Nazi, Gestapo and more of the same (Wearing a dark blue pantalon and light blue shirt ?????)

    Wannabee-cop (If I want to be one, I was one!)

    Do you know where I can find somebody off the Security? (Looking at my badge..."I'm very sorry, maybe ask at the informationdesk!)

    Do you work here? (No I'm sorry, I wear this uniform for fun)

    And more of the usuall stuff: I hate you, I kill you. I know where you live.

    And yes also nice things: Thank you for helping me (always nice) I love men in uniform (hey, I have an ego to!)

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  • dla4122
    If I don't get a bad slur directed towards me at least twice a day from some under intelligent convict, then I feel like I wasted my whole day. I have been called everything under the sun by convicts. I have been threatened with law suits, violence, I even had one tell me he was going to call his mother on me, I laughed and asked him how, he doesn't have MY phone number. He did not find that too funny.
    It is never the same day in corrections, I can assure you that.

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  • aka Bull
    Besides the usual insults (many of which have been stated already), the other type we get is the constant referral to being a Nazi, SS, or Gestapo.

    We get these from the fact that our uniform shirts are black, hence we call ourselves "black shirts".

    A couple of months ago I had a drunk call me a "gestapo pig". I leaned over him and very quietly told him to remember Auschwitz. He shut up.

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  • IB107
    Originally posted by dla4122
    Inmate to me, "I am going to sue you!"

    My response, "Please use the lawyer that defended you. He seemed to do real good with you the last time you used him!"

    lol thats a good one :P

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  • dla4122
    My Fav....

    Inmate to me, "I am going to sue you!"

    My response, "Please use the lawyer that defended you. He seemed to do real good with you the last time you used him!"

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  • Knight Watch
    Goof ball says What?

    some of these are from psyc patinets or drunks or drunk psyc patients so the may not make sence and some you need to call on your experence with the foul mouth public to figure out, hope they are not too graffic

    Rent-a-cop, Toy-Cop,
    $6.00 an hour ---
    Fat (body part)
    Fat (action verb, your choise)
    How much $ do you make, not as much as I do.
    How many flash lights do you have
    Flash light cop
    Why are you wearing a BPvest
    mother to child : you better stop acting up or that man will take you away ;points at me:
    Female dog
    gay person
    Bullet head ??

    Here are 2 that realy grate me

    I didn't to it! :with hands in the air:
    He / she did it! take them away : pointing to other person:
    __________________________________________________ _______


    I'll have your job.
    I'm going to sue
    Take that badge off and see what happens
    I'll see you on the street some day! and then ...
    I'll find your house and kill ...
    you think your bad in the uniform dont you!
    your a big man in that uniform hua tuff guy
    you aint---
    Ive taken bigger --- that you
    you are a worthless and no body loves you
    Go eat a donut
    how many donuts do you eat every day
    what would you do if I try to leave
    what would you do if I kick your ---
    I didn't know that they made uniforms that big
    did you have to go to a tent store to get your pants
    I bet you have a small ----

    My favorite : Standing in UNIFORM : Are you security? : look at my patches bright yellow 1 inch, SECURITY letters: Yes I am, How can I help you?

    I could go on and on, but I want to keep it at least pg-13 not xxx rated
    Last edited by Knight Watch; 06-07-2006, 01:20 PM.

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  • dla4122
    Don't work with public, but some dumb convicts.....

    Had one convict tell my officer: "You can't search my property without a warrant!" My officer held up his I/D Card and said, "Here is my warrant."

    Had a convict tell ME once, "You legally can't keep me here, I am from another state. I stay here cause I am doing you a favor!"
    I explained to him I was doing him a favor by not letting him climb the fence.

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  • HotelSecurity
    Walking down the hallway with my badge around my neck & the walkie-talkie in my hand I always get the "do you work here?"

    My first hotel was the Windsor Hotel on Peel street in Montreal. Peel street used to be called Windsor & one of Montreal's train stations was on the street 2 blocks south of the hotel. People would walk in all the time asking where the trains were. We'd have fun pointing to the elevator & telling them to go to the 3rd floor!

    The owner of the hotel said something to me once that when I look back was "funny". In Montreal the month of January is dead in the hotel business. Businessmen don't travel & there are no tourists. In 1998 Quebec, Ontario & the northern US states were hit by a serious ice storm. Most of the area had no electricity. The hotel was located on the same electrical grid as Hydro Quebec's head office. We were one of the few places that did not loose power. As a result the hotel was packed. One night the owner was walking in the lobby looking at the crowd with a big smile on his face. I went up to him & asked "is now a good time to ask for a raise?" With a straight face he says to me " the elevator is over there, get inside & push the up button" LOL

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  • darrell
    I get called Turkey Bacon all the time.

    I also get Top-Flite Security and a few other nicknames from the basketball team.

    I can't remember all the things that have been said.

    The stupid things I hate the most.

    While sitting in the College Patrol vehicle in uniform:

    THEM: "Do you work for the college?"
    ME: Umm let me look (get out of car and look at cars decals) yep I think I do, now how can I help ya"

    While working at the mall while standing in front of a great big huge giagantic neon sign all light up:
    THEM: "Do you know where the Theater is?"
    ME: I just point to the sign and say "NOPE" lol

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  • Echos13
    So far it’s been from the status quo: Why do you carry a revolver? Have to admit I wonder that too. The other is always what caliber is it and do you get to carry more than six bullets. Idiots...

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  • truckstop cop
    popcorn cop,parking lot security,great white lizard hunter,rent a pig,flashlight cop,to name a few.
    i have also had the "you cant do nothing,your just security",one day you might grow up to be a real cop,dont you have anything better to do then hassle us,redneck rent a cop,$6.00 dollar an hour flunky etc..
    oh yes,barney fife do you have a bullet in your pocket?
    dont touch me my daddy is a LT. on the P.D.,i will have your job,i will see you in court,i am gonna sue.
    are you a real cop or just security?
    it has also been incinuated that i have never had sex (why, i dont have a clue)
    etc.etc.etc. i got on a roll!!

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  • 1stWatch
    I've heard a few amusing things:
    * "Are you hear because of that Flying Saucer incident?" (There's a restaurant next door called The Flying Saucer.) "I'm not aware of any u.f.o. sightings ma'am."
    * "Are you a real policeman or a security guard?" "I'm a real security guard, thank you."
    * (Funny grin) "Wow I'm glad we're so well protected." (Walks away quickly)
    * "How many people have you arrested lately?"
    * "I didn't know security guards could carry guns. Why do you need those?"
    * "Howdy doo, Sheriff Pusser."

    Then there are a few things I hate to hear but it happens anyway.
    * "See that policeman over there kiddo? You better do what I say or I'll take you over there and he'll take you to jaaail." (Kid starts crying, waaah) (Parent gives me a sheepish grin and a hand flip while I stand there wanting to spank the parent in front of the kid)
    * "Oh look mommy, an officer." "No honey, it's not a real one."
    * "Hey you can't park there! If I can't you can't either!" (Me parked in loading zone for bank deposit escort) "That's very observant of you sir, thank you. Do something about it."
    * "Can you watch my car while I'm inside eating? My kid's in the back seat."
    * "Carry my bags for me."

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  • N. A. Corbier
    Heard the "Security guards can carry guns?" thing a lot. In Florida. Where 90% of public contacts with an open carry armed individual will be with a security officer.

    And, of course, "Is this place safe? I mean they have security here."

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  • plankeye
    I get this sometimes from people most likely not from around here at the airport I work at.

    "So, you a cop?"
    me "no, Iam a security Officer"

    "Ohh I didnt know security guards could carry guns"

    Also I was walking by a group of people and a young kid told his mom as I was walking by, look he has a gun, his mom looks at me and tells the boy, its a fake gun!.

    People are real stupid, thats about all I can say. Somedays I go home and hope to god that Iam not the only sane person in this world.

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  • Charger
    Originally posted by Wackenhut Lawson
    When I wear my CPO Uniform I am always asked (It says "CUSTOM" in big letters) stuff like "So, do you like, work with the Border Patrol?" , "Why do they have US Customs here?" , "Do you work on the canadian or mexican border?" , "I bet you're here for (Insert hispanic name), huh?"

    Or, when I used to work for another company where I wore an M26 Advanced Law Enforcement Taser, I used to always get asked, "So, what model Glock is that?" I just told them, "Its an M26" ... Most people would just nod their head and walk off, some would actually tell me how good or bad that Glock is in their "experience".

    People keep me entertained.
    Heh... It's like I always say:
    When you work in the security/law enforcement field, stupid people = job security.

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