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interesting comments you have heard while in uniform

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    Besides the usual insults (many of which have been stated already), the other type we get is the constant referral to being a Nazi, SS, or Gestapo.

    We get these from the fact that our uniform shirts are black, hence we call ourselves "black shirts".

    A couple of months ago I had a drunk call me a "gestapo pig". I leaned over him and very quietly told him to remember Auschwitz. He shut up.
    "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." -Aristotle


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      If I don't get a bad slur directed towards me at least twice a day from some under intelligent convict, then I feel like I wasted my whole day. I have been called everything under the sun by convicts. I have been threatened with law suits, violence, I even had one tell me he was going to call his mother on me, I laughed and asked him how, he doesn't have MY phone number. He did not find that too funny.
      It is never the same day in corrections, I can assure you that.


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        The things i've heard....

        Nazi, Gestapo and more of the same (Wearing a dark blue pantalon and light blue shirt ?????)

        Wannabee-cop (If I want to be one, I was one!)

        Do you know where I can find somebody off the Security? (Looking at my badge..."I'm very sorry, maybe ask at the informationdesk!)

        Do you work here? (No I'm sorry, I wear this uniform for fun)

        And more of the usuall stuff: I hate you, I kill you. I know where you live.

        And yes also nice things: Thank you for helping me (always nice) I love men in uniform (hey, I have an ego to!)