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How many security jobs have you had?

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    Securitas = 8months (Officer, Disaster Relife)
    Star Command = 1 day (Officer)
    Wackenhut = 4months (Upgraded Security Officer )
    Robbins = Still employed part time (Officer)
    Valor = Employed FT 2 months Shift lead{soon to be Shift Supervisor) I think that's Sergeant, not sure though.

    5 Companies, 1 year, 2 months, and 1 day.
    "What if this is as good as it gets?" ~ Melvin Udall


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      Originally posted by SecureTN
      Wackenhut = 4months (Upgraded Security Officer )
      Its basically a glorified Traditional Security officer, you are supposed to be seen as slightly above the curve, but no one really gives a s#!7


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        Originally posted by wackenhut hickey
        Its basically a glorified Traditional Security officer, you are supposed to be seen as slightly above the curve, but no one really gives a s#!7
        Yeah... I figured as much...matter of fact, all I ever met were USO, Brass, and CPO's
        "What if this is as good as it gets?" ~ Melvin Udall


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          I've only worked for 2, but about to be laid off from my current company. Hard to believe when so many companies are hiring eh?


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            Contract for 10 years, 2 of those years were part time while full time Inhouse. 17 and counting there.
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              Five companies since 1995

              1995-1999 SC, small company, worked my way from a post to patrol, supervisor, training officer, firearms instructor, then chief of security before the owner had health issues and closed the doors.

              2001-2010 NC, larger company Worked in the headquarters of a statewide energy company. Great job and location.

              Last 18 months in TX, warm body unarmed job in the sticks, was getting 40 hours in three days until my hours got cut dramatically.

              I also worked for two companies part time last year to get my armed card in TX. 10 weeks at the first one until they said they do not send in armed paperwork until someone works for six months (despite saying at the interview they would do it right away with no mention of six months). The second job was a temporary job at a construction site, and they did follow through and I at least got my armed card out of it.


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                Digging up the dead are we? Bump? Hell you had to attach a Saturn rocket booster to that one just to get it out of the basement.
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                  I had talked with a coworker about this very subject so I figured it would be an interesting topic. It turns out someone beat me to it


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                    OMG, talk about an Oldie but Goodie. Check out the comments made 6-plus years. Some of these members I have not heard of in years. They seem to have dispeared. I posted comments on this thread six years year ago
                    I think HS are the old geezers from way back then
           Greatest Comedy team ever!


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                      Originally posted by copelandamuffy View Post
                      I have been a Secuirty Officer since 1972, having worked for Pinkerton and Burns International Security. I have worked in manufacturing plants, corporate security, loading docks, strike details, classical concerts, televison stations, warehouses for automotive parts, utilites, oil refinaries, loss prevention, gated communites, auto dealerships, overnight details at retail, and construction details, security for ABC television network, siiting in a car overnight at a store whose alarm system is defective, food tents , plant closings,auction of houses, & Security Coverage on a 73-acre pharmacetical manufacture.

                      it has been so many years, even I forgot I did all this.
                      Auto dealerships were okay to do. Toyotas and Chryslers don't hassle you.

                      Gate commuities not fun.

                      Food tents were fun. Yes the Guards got fed.

                      Working at Circuit City was okay, nothing to do but sit in front of a store all night in your car. That was when they
                      were still going strong
             Greatest Comedy team ever!


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                        One of the members was posting under his old name. Cope, I did the same thing and looked back at all the old posters.
                        Retail Security Consultant / Expert Witness
                        Co-Author - Effective Security Management 6th Edition

                        Contributor to Retail Crime, Security and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference


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                          Originally posted by HotelSecurity View Post
                          I forgot a few.

                          Montreal continued to operate a exposition for a few years after the International Exposition (Expo 67). I was 12 years old & a Boy Scout. Part of our duties was crowd control. I have to admit, I got bit by the "power trip" bug

                          As a member of a Civil Defense group we did crowd control during parades.

                          And while in college taking Police Tech I worked as a student Campus Patroller.
                          I can't find the post where I listed the others.

                          After finishing Police Technology in 1976 I continued working for Pinkerton for a few months but was only a floater & they had no full time work. (Pinkerton had had the BIG contract for building the Olympic park & village in 1976. They did not have enough contracts after the construction was finished.

                          I went to work for a very small company for a few months. It only had 1 or 2 contracts & were losing them when I joined. It closed.

                          I was unemployed for 3 months. (The only time since I began working).

                          In 1977 I started work at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal. The Windsor was one of the old “grand” hotels. (The Queen & other celebrities stayed there). It did not modernize. It had no parking & no swimming pool. It closed in the fall of 1981. I was Security Officer/Fire Marshall).

                          I started at my present hotel at the end of October 1981. I BECAME Assistant Director of Security in the mid-80s, about the same time the hotel was bought by a new owner. He bought 2 more hotels in the Montreal area & although I work at 1 I was Assistant Director for all 3.

                          In the early 90s the Security Director was afraid I was going to steal his job (he was in his 70s). He sent me to work overnights at one of the other hotels. (Hoping I would quit). I stuck it out. He became sick & went to hospital. I was called back to the downtown hotel in 1994 & worked as Director for 9 months. The old director got out of hospital & got his job back. He sent me back to the airport hotel.

                          He died about a year later. I came back downtown. The Director was never replaced. To this day I have the title of Assistant Director & report to the Director of Security for the owner’s main real-estate company.

                          So all together I’ve been doing Security from 1974 until today except for the 3 months of unemployment.
                          I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
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                            I have not always had a full time in gig is security, but always kept my foot in the door
                            I worked for Burns International "4" hours a week at a construction site
                            Contractor needed someone to watch his site 1500-1900 hours on Fridays
                            I was off on Fridays. The construction site was near my home, so I said I would do the job

                            I have a degree in Electronics Technology. I did very well for myself. Did great in the
                            days. Then the tragedy of 9/11 struck. Lots of us lost our jobs. But I was with Pinkerton part time on weekends, before
                            the Securitas days. I had boat loads of work. I made up for my loss of work of work in the Electronics Industry

                            I was offered a job as a Site Supervisor. My wife encouraged me to go full time with Pinkerton
                            She knew I liked my job. so I am what I am today
                   Greatest Comedy team ever!


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                              This thread does make me sort of nostalgic. The only update that I've got in six years is the addition the part-time position

                              that I currently have. It's a small company that I've been employed with for about six months and unfortunately, it's the only

                              security company that I've found so far willing to work around my full-time schedule. This is my fifth security position since

                              July of 2003.
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                                In my early days after graduating I was a "jumper." I was spoiled doing security at a college with a police department where the guards and dispatchers were treated as part of the team, and I just assumed security was a cool career. After 4 warm body companies (two of which went out of business) I got the clue.

                                Did the armored car routine for a short time, but the company I worked for was dysfunctional - had to watch your back constantly.

                                Finally went in-house, and am coming up on a decade. Has its ups and downs, but at least I've got the routine down, and I like the 98% of the law abiding residents I protect...