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How many security jobs have you had?

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    Boy, you WOULD ask me to remember those times... lol

    Let's see...

    1 Year - Bouncer at a pool hall. Dropped to part time/on-call for the last 2 months when I got on with the next job.
    2.75 Years - Mall Security. First 3 months as part time, 9 months full time, 1 year as Sgt., 9 months as head of security before I left for the next job.. (Noticing a trend? lol)
    1 Year - Patrol / Alarm Response Officer
    3.5 Years - Patrol Commander / Contract Sales Rep. (Different company)
    1 Year - (NON-S/O) General Motors cust. service rep.

    And last but not least..
    1.5 Years - (Current) In-house S/O for an apartment community

    The mall position was a warm-body company, based out of MI... So there wasn't a whole lot of supervision from corporate.. Basically we did what the mall management decided, rather than the company..
    During my patrol time, I also worked as a Parks/Rec. Officer for a small town, worked some special contracts for various government sites, and also provided security for one of the election parties a few years back...
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    BANG, next thing you know Bob's your Uncle and this Sgt is seemingly out on his a$$.
    Shoulda called in sick.
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      security jobs

      I started with Wachenhut @ a auto-part factory, it made me very sick (injection molding plastic tore my asthma up) so I transfered to a motorcycle / bicycle helmet factory and i was there for like 2 years and had made it all the way to Lt. from S/O

      Then went to a retirement home *barf* as "security" with the promis of more $, and it ended up being .50 cents short and part time. So much for ever trusting a buddy in a "director" posision. and thier I was less than Warm Body and more like door man and operator.
      But this company led me to do some side "security" jobs. the company owened a hand full of buildings and a golf course ( on an old air force base) the the Big Boss man knew the we had our PERC cards and had us do like nite watch sort of thing no uniforms we were provided a golf cart on the golf course (really fun after dark) had unlimited use of the putting range, while on duty as long as we made our rounds, and we used our cars on the other buildings. O-yea they did give us a cell phone. They would call only if thier had been some goings on like vandals, bergs, or general mayhem to the properties and on like holloween, new years, or what not.

      Then I used my mechanic skills for 2 years, I did go to auto school

      and now I am at a hospital in house, hands on for 8 countem 8 years.

      I did forget my vol. in county ESDA (Emergency Services and Disaster Agnecy) 1990 - mid "90"s we did parking security at the county fair and major accident scenes, helped serch for the starting of cell phone 911 calls that were just starting to happen in our area.

      So from 1990 to present 4 different secuirty and related jobs.


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        Firefighter for 7 yrs('90-'97)
        Corrections ('97-Present)
        with a few P/T jobs in the mix to suppliment income, mainly around Christmas time.LOL.


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          Originally posted by mh892
          1967 to present= One.
          Congratulations mh892.

          Your profile says contract security and so 40 years working for a contract security company must surely be a world record, my guess however, is that you either own the company or you work for the government or a large company as an employee.

          In my experience, contract security companies are hire and fire organisations and thus the high turn over of staff.


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            Warm body security firm that is no longer in business from '90 to '91 (six months). Then various food service jobs for nine years. Now currently at a mall security job for five years now.


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              I started off as a security guard at JFK airport in 1995, that lasted a year and wanted more money. Then I moved on to Sears for about 3 years and got tired of the BS because the manager was stealing from the establishment and their was nothing we could do about it. Then I took a job at a jewelry warehouse I only stayed there for 2 weeks. I hated it, they ran that company like a Corrections facility and the workers were the inmates and we were the CO's. I finally found a great job within a sports league and I'm currently the facilities mgr there going on 8 years. I'm looking to change careers and possibly go into law enforcement right now, but I'm unsure if I'm going to make that step. I'm keeping my options open.


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                So far I've had four security positions. The first one was an unarmed post

                with a warm body outfit that dealt mainly with tourists and partying college

                students. The second one was a contract company that covered many

                types of sites including rodeos, demolition derbys, fairs, construction sites,

                and mills. The third gig was with an in-house department in an ammunition

                factory. My current position is with the federales.
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                  First 1991 Ocala Jockey Club, Ocala Florida a thoroughbred horse farm where I was in house armed with ten officers. Twelve hour shifts five days a week, did that two years and really loved it. I though really hated a two hour rain every single freakin day!

                  2000 Mall in house security for a large Chicago area mall, after two years they decided to contract out to Valor. Valor took all the officers and really only changed uniforms, not major changes which was a blessing. Did that another two years until I saw young guys going to school to be police officers were promoted over older officers who planned on staying?

                  2005 went into Securitas, at this moment of a year, second in command at my post of which has been my only post. Another three year contract, just made our quarter bonus, a raise, i am a happy camper


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                    I have been a Secuirty Officer since 1972, having worked for Pinkerton and Burns International Security. I have worked in manufacturing plants, corporate security, loading docks, strike details, classical concerts, televison stations, warehouses for automotive parts, utilites, oil refinaries, loss prevention, gated communites, auto dealerships, overnight details at retail, and construction details, security for ABC television network, siiting in a car overnight at a store whose alarm system is defective, food tents , plant closings,auction of houses, & Security Coverage on a 73-acre pharmacetical manufacture.
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                      Multiple Companies - Multiple Jobs

                      With over 15 years experience in Private Security (contract as opposed to inhouse)both in Canada (mainly) and in the USA, I have held multiple positions on multiple sites/xclients with mutiple companies. It seems to be the nature of the beast for some of us. Below is a list of the companies I have worked for.

                      Security officer - US Security Associates, South Charleston, WV
                      Aug - Sept 2005 ( Retired at this time)

                      Security Officer - Concord Security Corp., Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
                      February 14, 1998 to June 9, 2005

                      Security Officer - Alliance Security Corp., Broadway Ave., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 3C9
                      July, 1996 to February 13, 1998

                      Mobile Security Officer - Williams Security Services, 2401 United Blvd., Coquitlam, B.C
                      June 1994 - July 1996 .

                      Security Officer - Bentall Towers/Barnes Security, 500 Block, Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C.
                      Sept 1993 - June 1994

                      Security Officer - One Eleven Security, Royal Bank Data Centre, 111 East 5th.,Vancouver B.C.
                      Mar 1992 - Mar 1993

                      Night Supervisor - Barnes Security Ltd., 303-3701 East Hastings Street, Burnaby B.C.
                      Aug 1991 - Mar 1992

                      Security Guard - Guardian Security, Kingston, Ontario
                      Aug 1982 - Nov 1983

                      Supervisor and Private Investigator - Hawthorne Protective Services, Kingston, Ontario
                      July - Nov 1973


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                        July 12 2003- Oct 3rd 2003- Western Washington Merchant Patrol - Port Patrol Officer, 7.50/hr, Left after co. tried to accuse me of international crimes. Cleared of any wrongdoing by local detectives.

                        November 2004- June 2005- Olympic Security - Capitol Building Security, 10.00/hr, Left after State Legislature removed our budget.

                        Sept 2005-Oct 2005- Security Masters - Various sites, 8.00/hr, Left due to bad hours, low pay, bad business, better offer.

                        Oct 2005- August 2006 - The Wackenhut Corp. - Custom Protection Officer- Global Response Team - 12.00/hr, Left after better job offer 45 miles closer to home.

                        August 2006- Present - Behavioral Health Resources - In-house Security - $13-15/hr depending on time of day, Currently employed.
                        "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
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                          Glad to see that i'm not the only one whose been around the block a few times. Whoever said it's the nature of the business was right.

                          Lets see:

                          --1994 (I was 20 years old) 6 months with Smith Protective Services, unarmed (patrol vehicle had a shotgun rack, but no shotgun lol), working an apartment complex in Far North Dallas for $5.00 per hour. Glad I survived lol.

                          --1995-96 (14 months total) with Barton Protective Services working a highrise building in a "soft" uniform for $6.00 per hour. One of the better jobs I had. I entered the Police Academy (part time, 20 hours per week) during this.

                          --1996 for about 5 months with Stanley Smith Security (now called Initial Security). 7 buck an hour. I was still in the academy, a fellow cadet was a security shift leader at the AT&T warehouse facility which was only a half mile from my apartment, he got me on, we worked the same shift together.

                          --1996-97 for 7 months I was a Detention Service Officer with the Dallas County Sheriff. $11 per hour back then. Hated it with a passion, left when i found out I'd have to go through the Sheriff's academy if I got selected as a Deputy despite already being certified. Did I mention I hated it.

                          --1997 for 2 months, American Commercial Security Service in a highrise building (right next door to the builind I had worked in for Barton lol) $8.. per hour, another of the "better" S/O jobs i had.

                          --1997-1998 Public Service Officer (a non-sworn posistion) with the Baylor Health Care System Police Department for about 15 months. At the same time i worked as a Reserve for the City of Garrett police. The Baylor job was good, I worked 1 day a week at Baylor Dallas, 1 day a week at Baylor Waxahachie, and 3 days a week at Baylor Ennis, when 1 of my off days at Garrett PD. For 15 months i worked in 4 differet cities every week lol.

                          --1998-1999 part time Campus Police Officer my current job with the Dallas County Community College District.

                          --Middle of 1998 to earlty 1999 with Wackenhut as a CPO, unarmed at 1st, then Armed. One of the best jobs assignment wise. worked at Speedzone amusement park, then floated a few places, then ended up at (owned by mark Cuban, the guy who owns the Dallas mavs now).

                          --1999 for 3 months with Alrod Security on the GSA contract at the Earle Campbell Federal Building in Downtown Dallas ($14.20 per hour) , then 4 months with SPI security on the HUD contract (HATED IT, job was ok, had issues with the company, but $15.40 per hours was nice). left when the HUd contract ended, went to 21st Sentry Security for 2 months ($9. per hour, never should have left Alrod.....), then got on full time at the college and left private security al together.

                          --1999-2004 Full time with the College Police. Starting pay back then was 29k per year, it gets better with raises over time lol.

                          --2004 for 3 months with U.S. Security Services at Lockheed martin Dallas, I'd left the college after they started rotatiing shifts, which i couldn't do, my wife is a nurse and rotates already.

                          --Mid 2004 to present, back with the College District at a different campus (no rotating shifts).

                          I got tired just TYPING all that. Now it dosen't seem to bad, but back then It was a wild ride though private security, corrections, back to private security, into law enforcement part time, then full time, then back to security and then again back to law enforcement lol.

                          Proud to say I never was fired or forced to resign. Only got written up once in all that time (on the HUD contract, over some BS, had a new Sgt trying to make a name for herself).
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                            Oh, Jeezum... Where do I start?

                            IIRC, I started in Security in Connecticut working at an Ethan Allen furniture warehouse, but best to my memory over a span of roughly 8 years I've worked for:

                            Hall's Security (CT) warehouse site
                            Leonard Security (CT) warehouse site
                            Wells Fargo (CT) business offices
                            First Security (CT) hospital site
                            Effective Security Services (CT) financial offices
                            currently with Censor Security Inc. (VT) hospitality industry since 12/05, licensed by the State of VT and recently received my CPO designation on Sept. 18th...
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                              Pechanga Casino – Tribal/Casino security.

                              Pacific CA Private Security – Operations Director.

                              Wells Fargo Security – Security Officer / Housing Officer for a HUD contract in a BAD neighborhood, very good pay.

                              Personal Protective Services – Security / Private law-enforcement for the San Francisco Housing Authority, very good experience and pay.

                              Rancho Santa Fe Patrol – Good job to patrol the most expensive places to live in California, good equipment and company, horrible pay.

                              Protection Rescue Security – A place to work, OK person to work for.

                              US Protect – GSA Security supervisor. I was in charge of all security operations in two counties.

                              Southern California Edison – Nuclear Security, great company to work for.

                              California Security Blog
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                                I've been with my first and only company for six months now, and I'm currently working at my second site.