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Wackenhut Teams with the US ARMY's Partnership for youth success Program

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  • Wackenhut Teams with the US ARMY's Partnership for youth success Program


    May 30, 2006 – Palm Beach Gardens, FL. - The Wackenhut Corporation has teamed with the U.S. Army’s Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program, creating a Win-Win-Win situation.
    The U.S. Army wins because the PaYS Program is intended to increase the Army’s ability to man the force. Companies win because they will gain employees who have developed professional work habits and have been held to the highest standards. These future employees win because they will be professionally trained and experienced in their specific job skill. They will also be eligible for other monetary and non-monetary incentives associated with enlisting in the Army.
    Under this recruiting initiative developed by the U.S. Army, they will identify first term soldiers of the Regular Army and Army Reserves who wish to pursue careers in private security after serving in the Army and notify Wackenhut of their names. Wackenhut in turn will provide them periodic information on the private security industry throughout their 3 to 6 years of initial active duty and give them priority consideration for hire by Wackenhut upon completion of their military service.
    At a recent signing ceremony commemorating the Program’s launch on May 24, 2006, Gary A. Sanders, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, The Wackenhut Corporation, thanked Major General Thomas P. Bostick, Commander, U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Ft. Knox, KY, and stated, “We have learned that employees who come to us from the military services are especially qualified for private security. This is a classic win-win-win situation.” He went on to say, “Transitioning soldiers can look forward to a career with Wackenhut upon their separation from the service, thus relieving them of the predictable anxiety linked to career change, and Wackenhut gets employees who tend to be highly reliable, dedicated and willing to perform.” Closing comments were made by Drew Levine, President of Wackenhut’s Security Services Division who added, “Many of our Area and Branch Management positions are filled by veterans. We hope to see this trend continue as the experience gained during military service has proven valuable to our company, customers and fellow employees."
    The Wackenhut Corporation is the leading provider of security and security-related services in the U.S. With operations across the country, Wackenhut has the expertise and the resources to meet its customers’ requirements for quality security, training, and consulting and investigative services. Wackenhut is the employer of choice to more than 38,000 men and women, many of whom have proudly served in the military or have had law enforcement careers. Additional information about Wackenhut is available on its Internet site at or can be obtained by contacting Mr. Lee Achord, Sr. Director of Recruiting, toll-free at 800-922-6488.
    "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
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    This is interesting. Has anyone covered this? That was obviously a press release from Wackenhut.
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