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    You are correct, CW. In Seattle, if you are not sure, you ask politely what personal pronoun the person prefers. Only once have I almost make the mistake of asking a male presenting as female to leave the men's room. (Hint: look for an Adam's apple.)

    I remember this show - kind of boring, as I remember. I'm curious how mall security will evolve as retail takes more hits in the coming years. As I've mentioned in other threads, organized retail crime is a big problem that gets (IMHO) too little attention from both prosecutors and the media. It is not a victimless crime or a "crime of survival" (the current excuse from Seattle lefties) - it is one of the factors driving stores out of business.


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      OMG, To see the old names of long ago from this forum Greatest Comedy team ever!


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        I had fun reading this, but as to the state of the MOA guards now, their uniforms have improved, they carry anything from nothing but handcuffs to the full set of pepper spray, baton, taser, handcuffs, everything depending on the training classes you have received. However, they seem to be backing off their hands on approach, and I'm sure that will continue because of George Floyd and that fiasco. The latest videos I can find of them are these


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          [QUOTE=OfficerD;n248548]However, they seem to be backing off their hands on approach, and I'm sure that will continue because of George Floyd and that fiasco.

          I knew this crap would happen because of that jizzbag (read prior post of mine)

          Some career criminal croaks while strung out on dope and in return the other ones can wreck all the havoc they wish

          In return for all the looting and the riots, I say we get tougher on these scum, not "go hands off," lol


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            I agree, but the people in power certainly dont.


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              A lot of it is due to the fact that any person of color that gets shot by the police, no matter what the circumstances, is now automatically a martyr and a riot ensues (at least in Seattle and Portland and other Dem cities). The anarchists just want an excuse to burn things, and scour the news for an excuse, without looking at what actually occurred.

              Most of those on Twitter have a maddening ignorance of how things work. The police cannot always use less than lethal measures, especially if the perp has a gun. They cannot wait for non-existent "crisis social workers" (Seattle was going to hire a bunch of these - hasn't happened) if the person is a clear threat to citizens in the area and is going to get away.

              The mental health care system is broken, but I don't see protesters demanding more psychiatric wards or showing up at the houses of public health directors demanding change.

              Suicide by cop is a thing, and you should not be praised on Twitter as "another victim of the police." The last guy shot recently by Seattle PD ran at them with a knife shouting "Do it!" What were the cops supposed to do - run away? The Twidiots enable these people - sociopaths and psychotics that want to die know they'll get a cool memorial and a riot in their honor.
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