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    About 10 years ago at a large bus terminal, a baggage handler found 2-3 suitcases (the big ones) rather light so he called us. My self and a couple other S/O's arrived and called the local PD, suitcases were full with cartons of contraband cigarettes. The bad guy couldn't speak English (I think we were all calling BS on that) so I asked around the fast food joint in the terminal if any of the employees could speak his dialect as we had an idea of his nationality (we probably had one from each Asian country in the place), worked like a charm.
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      Didn't happen to me, but is one of my favorite stories;

      A State Trooper was sitting the office of the Sheriff's Dept (after booking) beaming with the 5 pounds of Marijuana and some meth he pulled of a traffic stop. A few other deputies were around congratulating him on the great job. A newly hired Deputy walks in and listens to the story retold for the 20th time and shrugs and says; "Eh that ain't too bad."

      This gets the Trooper's goat and he shoots back, "Oh Ya a$$hole? Well what's the most marijuana you've ever taken out of a vehicle?"

      "15 tons."


      "Well, I am in the Coast Guard Reserve as a LtCmdr so...."

      Had us in tears
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        ValleyOne, that was precious!
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          The ciggaret story reminded me of the time that I was in the process of evicting a gentleman from mall property for a complaint of reckless driving. As I was talking to this jerk, I noticed that there were about three or four cases of cigs in the back seat of his car. I called in the sheriff and lo and behold, the cigs were part of a boxcar load that had been stolen from the railroad.
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            6 kilograms = 6 000 grams @ $100.00 per gram uncut = $60.000. For a normal street cut would be ¼ gram of anasatol to 1Gram pure ratio = aprox $15.000 per kilo for basically baby laxative. Won’t bore you with why anasatol. By the time it hit’s the streets an ounce would be purchased for $1,800 and sold for $2,800
            The drug kit will tell you positive or negative for Coca but just for conversation sakes to tell the level of the dealer you will take a 6 oz glass of bleach and dump is a sniffer spoon full and watch. The pure coke will slowly sink to the bottom whereas the cut will swirl aprox ¼ way down the glass and stay suspended in the glass. If all goes to the bottom then you have it before any lower level people were able to get to it and you have taken down high level mules.

            The two most prevalent forms are from South America.
            Colombian Rock (not crack) and from Peru Peruvian Flake. Although flake is most preferred rock is most often confiscated in the U.S.. Most likely the easiest to smuggle into the U.S. due to geographic location. My figures are from the 80s and most likely have fluctuated as power coke as been pushed out of the forefront buy Crystal Meth and sadly to say a rising demand for Heroin.

            Some of you Tampa bay area guys might remember the freighter that was full of expensive Mahogany planks hollowed out stuffed with coke then the holes were covered and refinished. Mr Takalis owner of freighter Amazon Sky and very well known Steve Irvin Crock hunter of the 70s and 80s was sent to Federal prison and the key thrown away. He would have gotten away with this shipment had an informant not dropped a dime on his operation. At the time it was the largest bust in the U.S. I was at the storage site where the planks were disassembled in Tarpon Springs and was in total awe at the amount of machine guns present in the hands of Federal agents.

            Quote Time Magazine,00.html

            "When U.S. agents do uncover a shipment, the cartel adopts new shippers, different routes and more ingenious deceptions. Federal agents took nine years to crack a Santacruz-designed lumber scheme. In 1979, a Cali operative was arrested with the name of a Baltimore lumberyard in his pocket. There, agents saw piles of mahogany boards sliced end to end, with pockets hollowed out and the tops veneered on. A few more clues popped up over the years, but nothing to pinpoint which planks, among the tons of lumber imported from South America, contained contraband.

            Then in April 1988, a load of Brazilian cedar boards arrived in Tarpon Springs, Fla., aboard the freighter Amazon Sky. DEA alerted Tampa Customs that an informer had reported drugs were aboard. Inspectors drilled holes in stacks of lumber planks, but found nothing. At the last moment, a Customs man saw a crew member drop a plank and glance about nervously. The inspector drilled into the board and hit white powder. The seizure was a record 3,270 kg of cocaine, but just 700 of the 9,000 planks held any drugs." Life is all about the bottom line. And the bottom line is guys like him and DeLorean should never have gotten involved in something they no nothing about.
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              My best was something that I was only indirectly involved in. An investigation that I headed up into an employee who was stealing equipment and morphine out of patient’s IV pumps led to his arrest with a small quantity of morphine and a baggie of marijuana. When he was questioned by us and the police he gave up a good deal of information in an attempt to save himself.

              This information led to 20-30 arrests and the seizure of a large amount of ecstasy, cocaine, meth, marijuana, and illegal weapons from a number of different residences. One of those arrested even ended up being tied to a murder in Gary Indiana.

              I can’t remember exactly the number of arrests that ended being made on the information he gave up, but I was able to dig up a newspaper story on one of them.


              Other than that I have worked with the local drug and gang investigators to break up distribution networks in rental and HUD housing units owned by the Hospital. None of these ever netted a large amount of drugs, but they did lead to a number of arrests and the removal of some bad elements from our property.
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