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  • 10-Codes

    do you use em? how common are the 10-codes you use compared to other states what set of 10-codes do you use ?

    10-0 Caution
    10-1 Signal Weak
    10-2 Signal Good
    10-3 Stop Transmitting
    10-4 Affirmative (OK)
    10-5 Relay (To)
    10-6 Busy Unless Urgent
    10-7 Out Of Service
    10-8 In Service
    10-9 Say Again
    10-10 Negative
    10-11 ____ On Duty
    10-12 Stand By
    10-13 Existing Conditions
    10-14 Information
    10-15 Message Delivered
    10-16 Reply To Message
    10-17 Enroute
    10-18 Urgent
    10-19 In Contact
    10-20 Location
    10-21 Call _____ By Phone
    10-22 Disregard
    10-23 Arrived At Scene
    10-24 Assignment Completed
    10-25 Report To ____ (meet)
    10-26 Estimated Time Of Arrival
    10-27 License/Permit Info
    10-28 Ownership Information
    10-29 Records Check
    10-30 Danger/Caution
    10-31 Pick Up
    10-32 _____ Units Needed
    10-33 Help Me Quick
    10-33A Psychiatric problem
    10-33B Violent person
    10-33C Armed & threatening
    10-33D Firefighter injured
    10-34 Time
    10-35 Reserved
    10-37 Reserved
    10-38 Reserved
    10-39 Urgent Use Light & Siren
    10-40 Silent Run, No Lights
    10-41 Beginning Tour Of Duty
    10-42 Ending Tour Of Duty
    10-43 Shuttle
    10-44 Permission To Leave
    10-45 Animal Carcass At _____
    10-46 Assist Motorist
    10-47 Investigate Suspicious Veh
    10-48 Disturbing The Peace
    10-49 Traffic Light Out At ____
    10-50 Accident (F, PI, PD)
    PI - Injury
    PD - Propert damage
    10-51 Wrecker Needed
    10-52 Ambulance Needed
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    10-53 Traffic Control
    10-54 Change To Channel ____
    10-55 Intoxicated Driver
    10-56 Intoxicated Pedestrian
    10-57 Hit & Run (F,PI,PD)
    10-58 Airplane Crash
    10-59 Reckless Driver
    10-60 Out Of Car On Violator At ___
    10-61 Motor Inspection
    10-62 Request Permission Car To Car
    10-63 Prepare To Make Written Copy
    10-64 Vandalism
    10-65 Juvenile Problem
    10-66 Major Crime Alert
    10-67 Net Message
    10-68 Runaway Juvenile
    10-69 Missing Person
    10-70 Fire Alarm
    10-71 Nature Of Fire
    10-72 Progress Report On Fire
    10-73 Rape
    10-74 Civil Disturbance
    10-75 Domestic Problem
    10-76 Meet Complaint
    10-77 Return To _____
    10-78 Back Up _____
    10-79 Notify Coroner
    10-80 Chase In Progress
    10-81 Breathalyzer Report
    10-82 Prisoner In Custody
    10-83 Confidential Information
    10-84 Visitors Present
    10-85 Victims Condition
    A. Fair B. Poor C. Critical
    D. Possible Fatality
    E. Obvious Fatality
    10-86 Crime In Progress
    10-87 Abandoned Car
    10-88 Man With Gun
    10-89 Bomb Threat
    10-90 Bank Alarm At _____
    10-91 Burglary
    10-92 Theft
    10-93 Unnecessary Use Of Radio
    10-94 Contact Your Home
    10-95 Out At Home
    10-96 Mental Subject
    10-97 Test Signal
    10-98 Prison Break
    10-99 Wanted/Stolen Indicated

    Theres is only 1 department that uses a different set, which is salt lake county, but only 6 of the 10 codes are different than listed here
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      There are departments that use 10 codes here but a lot of them are going the route of MSP and using Plain Talk.

      I use plain talk except for

      10-7 OUT OF SERVICE
      10-10 FELONY WARRANT

      Instead of 10-8 I have been using "CLEAR OF THE LAST or CLEAR BACK IN"

      The FUTURE is MSP...


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        We don't use codes. If a message is confidential or might create panic, we simply ask the officer to telephone in.

        When I worked in dispatch, we used 11-codes. Again, if we needed privacy, we asked the police officer to telephone HQ.
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          We use 10 codes at my site. The important ones are:
          Code-7 =lunch
          code-27=10 minute break
          Code-10=bathroom break
          Code Blue=Bomb threat (which we get a couple times a year). All radios have to be turned off when we get this code as, in theory, they could trigger the bomb.


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            We use 10-codes here as well. In fact we use the same ones as the local PD, as we've found this makes it a lot easier to pass confidential info on to them when necessary. (And them to us, on occaision. )

            I won't go into detail on them, as they're very different from what most people consider to be the 'standard', (based off CB radio 10-codes), and would just end up confusing the issue. LOL
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              We use ten codes also ( 206 odd so I won't list them here), somewhat different than the university police, and the hospital and city have thier own codes that differ slightly-you have be very careful what you call which is why only the dispacthers and supervisors of the different depts. talk directly to each other.
              Like everyone else if its lenghty or impotant we ask for the 35 call, saves time and any likeness to an ADAM 12- CHIPs remake on the air.
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                Originally posted by IB107
                do you use em? how common are the 10-codes you use compared to other states what set of 10-codes do you use ?
                I don't think 10 codes are a good idea. Clear, concise communications are very important and I don't trust most other officers to know the codes, especially, if the communication is critical. I want to hear plain english on the radio that I'm certain everyone understands. Some of us may take the time to learn the codes but "some" ain't enough and I guarantee you, when you start spouting off 10 codes, somebody out there is going, "Huh?"

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                  At our hospital we use about 8 different "10 Codes" that parallel what the RCMP and other local LE agencies use. This assists in transfer of info between our services with relative "privacy".
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                    well do to the fact that 99.9 percent of our companies accounts are what you would call high risk (3-4 calls to pd a day by individuals) (usually 1-2 a week by the s/o), our company "makes" us learn them as part of our OJT, we run like a "small" pd with out pd powers at this time (we might try to get "deputized" like court guards are or "special police" powers since our boss is ex-leo, he may try to get the city to allow it because of the High crime/high risk accounts we have, sometimes it would be good because we would be able to "arrest" right away for drugs,stolen vechs... and haul em down to be booked, taking time off the cops hands for coming out to the properties 3-4 times a week) only reason we have the accounts we do is many companies refuse to take the contract because of the danger involved thus the reason ALL of our officers are armed, and the reason our boss pushes us to get body armor, so thus since we have such a good working relationship with the pd as it is we strive to learn the 10s to make communication between the parties easier.
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                      Our radio codes are not regulated throughout the state as they are in some others. Some places I worked did use 10-codes. A few of them used English over the radio, especially if it was an on-site or very small operation.

                      In the job I have now we don't use 10-codes, but we do use "signals". The Dallas p.d. also uses signals, but we have a separate list of signals with totally different definitions and usage. On Channel 1 we use signals and codes only. On Channel 2 we can use more English, but still keep it formalized and business related. Channel 3 and 4 are for remote locations.
                      Signal 1: Vehicle Patrol
                      Signal 2: Foot Patrol
                      Signal 3: Lock Up Building
                      Signal 4: Unlock Building
                      Signal 5: Lockout
                      Signal 6: Spotlight
                      Signal 7: Special Watch
                      Signal 8: House Check
                      Signal 9: Repeat Transmission
                      Signal 10: Assist Motorist
                      Signal 11: Tag or Tow Vehicle
                      Signal 12: Listener Present
                      Signal 13: Make Contact With
                      Signal 14: Special Assignment
                      Signal 15: Passenger
                      Signal 16: Escort
                      Signal 17: Direct Traffic
                      Signal 18: Busy
                      Signal 19: Return to Location
                      Signal 20: Location
                      Signal 21: Telephone Call
                      Signal 22: Lunch
                      Signal 23: Break
                      Signal 24: Restroom
                      Signal 25: Report in Person
                      Signal 26: No Contact
                      Signal 27: Threats
                      Signal 28: Out at Station
                      Signal 29: Out for Equipment
                      Signal 30: Unnecessary Traffic
                      Signal 31: Police
                      Signal 32: Prisoner
                      Signal 33: Emergency Traffic
                      Signal 34: Shots Fired
                      Signal 35: Intruder
                      Signal 36: Person with a Gun
                      Signal 37: Prowler
                      Signal 38: Sick Person
                      Signal 39: Injured Person
                      Signal 40: Fire
                      Signal 41: Vehicle Accident
                      Signal 42: Disturbance
                      Signal 43: Burglary
                      Signal 44: Robbery
                      Signal 45: Sexual Assault
                      Signal 46: Homicide
                      Signal 47: Suicide
                      Signal 48: Assault
                      Signal 49: Theft
                      Signal 50: Criminal Mischief
                      Signal 51: Dead Body
                      Signal 52: Alarm
                      Signal 52-1: Intrusion Alarm
                      Signal 52-2: Fire Alarm
                      Signal 52-3: Medical Emergency Alarm
                      Signal 52-4: Personal Duress Alarm
                      Signal 53: Suspicious Noises
                      Signal 54: Suspicious Person
                      Signal 55: Suspicious Vehicle
                      Signal 56: Concern for Welfare
                      Signal 57: Intoxicated Person
                      Signal 58: Missing Person
                      Signal 59: Cover Element
                      Signal 60: Unsecured Area/Door
                      Signal 61: Mental Person
                      Signal 62: Loud Stereo/Party
                      Signal 63: Information
                      Signal 64: Building Status
                      Signal 65: In Service
                      Signal 66: Out of Service
                      Signal 67: Other
                      Signal 68: Non-Subscriber Incident
                      Signal 70: Unconscious Person
                      Signal 71: Late in Service
                      Signal 72: Access Code for Gate/Alarm
                      Signal 73: Sales Call
                      Signal 74: Subscriber Returned With Mail
                      Signal 75: Subscriber Returned Without Mail
                      Signal 76: Armed Money Transfer
                      Code 1: Respond at Convenience
                      Code 2: Handle Immediately
                      Code 4: Disregard Call
                      Code 5: En Route
                      Code 6: Arrival
                      Code 7: Clear/Open for Calls
                      K1: Unable to Complete Assignment
                      K2: Assignment Completed
                      K3: Suspects Gone on Arrival
                      K4: False Alarm or Call
                      K5: No Report Needed
                      K6: No Disturbance on Arrival
                      K7: No Further Information Available
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                        We don't use 10 codes at our hospital - plain English. As Blame the Guard said, if it's confidential we get on the phone or face-to-face.

                        We do have some codes that are used in the hospital for emergencies, but these (while they go over the radio too) are set up for use over the public broadcast system within the hospital for alerting the staff throughout the facility.
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                          No 10 codes besides 10-7, which they use for lunch for some reason.


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                            Plain talk, less confussion.


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                              I can see the value of plain talk too. When I worked as a police dispatcher, I found it to be a challenge to memorize the many codes/signals that the department used over the air. These codes are further compounded by adding a,b,c.d,e to the code (software required it to log a specific call to the code) when entering the call into the dispatch computer.

                              Some will argue that codes increase security by making the radio call hard to interpret. There may be some truth to that. However, I don't have a sheet for the codes used by the police in the next town and yet I can still break the code by listening to the scanner long enough. If a burglar listens for the address, he doesn't need the code to figure out that the police are on the way.
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