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  • Lic. standards for s/os

    Would you guys be oppressed for a "national standard" for security officer training ? some thing like lets say federal law reqs a post type class for security officers, but not like a bootcamp like post is but rather a "school" on ACT, wepons, self def, your job as a s/o. etc... make federal requirements that certian things must be meet, but let the states issue the lic. as they do now.
    let it be up to the officer to provide the "Federal Training docs" , which companies can get certified to teach, but must take a exam to get a cert on the class etc, then from there you go down pay for your lics. your issued it etc, after your FBI background check, then you can work as a security officer in your state and or anyother state as long as you have that "federal security officer lic. which is only good for 2 years" and expires on a certain date. like lets say jan 1 every odd numbered year.. etc..

    i think this would be better for the security industry and give us more respect and sense of pride, as we would have "federal guidelines we would have to meet", rather than 50 states with 50 different guidelines,
    and this would also help "set" payrates for s/os... with federal regulation..

    idk just a idea i had. dont think it would ever happen but i think it would be better than things are now...
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    I think this type of training for the private sector would never happen since in order to require that training, the federal government would assume all regulatory control over the several million security guards of the country. Locating all the individuals working in security would be quite a task since not every state has a regulatory authority over security. In fact, I think it would be quite a drain on our economy, especially considering the government's great need for spending on ongoing military operations and now border security.

    I believe it would be more realistic for states or political subdivisions to provide more abundant and systematic levels of training, in both forms of required training and optional continuing education, at various regions. This could be held at a place like a university or school of higher education by the regulatory authority, such as the state police in my case.

    This would remove control of training from other such individuals who are inconsistent and don't care if we succeed or not, such as individual company managers who normally provide little or no training or private gun range instructors daydreaming about police jobs who have a condescending attitude toward us and talk about everything else under the sun for eight hours except actual security work during the class.
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      Originally posted by IB107
      Would you guys be oppressed for a "national standard" for security officer training ? .....
      No. As long as there are different levels of training. For example, I don't need weapons training and would not participate in such a program. Others will require such training. Whatever the training, at least it would be uniform.
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