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    Black 5.11 tactical shirt and pants. (I'll post a pic later)
    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

    ~~George Orwell.


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      Originally posted by officergossman View Post
      Summer Uniform: Grayish Blue polo shirt, gray slacks, belt clip badge, black shoes.

      Winter Uniform: White shirt and gray tie, gray slacks, belt clip badge and black shoes. (I like this more)

      I'd rather wear black BDU style clothing but that is just me
      The client decided to switch contractors but keep the current security staff, so I transitioned over to another contractor. I now wear a full blown suit, tie and suit jacket (hot or cold weather). We also have these weird badges that you slide into the front suit jacket pockets and they look rediculous LOL and of course the belt-clip shield badges still.

      I now keep my CPR pouch with me and carry around the AED every now and then.

      Sadly to save money, the client decided to cut contracting costs, I had a nice mon-fri, 40 hour 2nd shift job and then after budget cutbacks, I have a 10 or 8 hour saturday job and thats it...

      After 5 years of being an Officer...this really bites. I am considering armed security at a defence engenering plant, corrections or middle-eastern private security contractor services...
      Shawn J. Gossman
      Security Officer
      5+ Years Experience


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        Okay, i'm starting to think my uniform is pretty plain in comparison :P

        Shirt: Company supplied. White with a band collar (something like this), black text-only logo embroidered on the front.
        Pants: Any black pants. I wear cargo drills with side, front and back velcro pockets.
        Shoes: Any black shoes. I wear schoolboy type shoes with reinforced leather uppers, and comfort insoles.

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          "To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill." Sun-Tzu


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            My last assignment we wore,

            Grey BDU shirt long sleve (rolled up in summer)
            Black BDU or 511 pants
            Black high boots, our choose
            Body Armor
            Black baseball type cap
            Rank and badge patches
            American flag
            Duty belt was our choose but had to be black.
            At times we wore black entery style vest
            Raid style marked jackets


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              This weekend I filled in at the local Menards. They were short handed and having formerly been a full time floater I was trained there. Getting to the point has anyone else ever donned the LumberJack Tuxedo? The single most ridiculous uniform ever.
              For the benefit of those who have never been to a Menard's I will try to find a picture, or get my old lady to take one of me in my LJT.
              "A good deed’s like pissing yourself in dark pants. Warm feeling but no one notices." - Jacob Taylor


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                your Uniform

                My Uniform (NYPD Blues) was made in Viet Nam! I am a viet nam veteran, I have a CIB, a purple heart, and many scars that follow me every where I go. The Company I workfor Is one of those who value their Net Profit above all else. Can't blame them too much for that but: So far on 7 shirts I have had to Re sew 23 buttons 11 of which came of while un wrapping for the first time or unbuttoning them so I could superglue the back side of the buttons threads to prevent un ravelling. On 4 Pair of trousers I have had to replace 5 zippers, and on two jackets the Liner zipper or the outside zipper broke. You know what I think right?


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                  We wear nickel grey button down Elbeco shirts with our choice of 5.11 or Elbeco black B.D.U. pants. We used to wear the above shirts with dark grey Elbeco police style pants with a 1" black stripe down the side...
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                    White Short Sleeved Collar Shirt With Epaulets (for Year Round Use) 65% Polyester; 35% Combed Cotton;
                    Blue/white Company Patch On Left Shoulder;
                    Yellow/black Sewn On Badge;
                    Reversed American Flag On Right Shoulder.

                    1 1/2" Black Leather Belt With Multi-tool And Holder

                    Dark Blue 100% Dacron Polyester Long Slacks. (in Florida Short
                    Pants Would Work But Not Authorized).

                    Blue Or Black Baseball Cap With The Word "security" In White/yellow

                    Black Running Shoe (provided By Officer).

                    Duty Keys;
                    Personal Cell Phone.


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                      white polyester dress uniform top with velcro epaulets and velcro breast pockets

                      navy blue polyester duty pants

                      ball cap with logo optional

                      shoes (I personally wear Danner 8" stryker boots)

                      and additional gear like coats, windbreakers, etc


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                        I hate uniforms where they put the patch only on the left shoulder.
                        I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
                        Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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                          Originally posted by HotelSecurity View Post
                          I hate uniforms where they put the patch only on the left shoulder.
                          they do that? I've only seen both arms.


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                            Our company supplies the cheapest uniforms possible: 100% polyester short sleeve dark blue shirt, 100% polyester dark blue trousers (rarely do the colors match), and a very thin black jacket. The company provides two metal generic Security Enforcement Officer badges.

                            The officer provides everything else. Up until last year there was no uniform policy

                            We allow officers to purchase their own uniforms (if their size isn't available they are reimbured). The Patrol Division routinely wears navy or black BDU style uniforms (some are 5-11), and has custom badges.
                            "Lawyers, Guns and Money"

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                              Originally posted by EVILjbf View Post
                              they do that? I've only seen both arms.
                              Read secguy's post above. Company patch on the left arm, reversed American flag on the right.
                              I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
                              Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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                                Originally posted by HotelSecurity View Post
                                I hate uniforms where they put the patch only on the left shoulder.
                                In California, security guards must have a patch on each shoulder that reads "Private Security" if they work for a Private Patrol Operator (contract security firm) and have a badge. The same holds true if they have a baton or firearm.
                                Semper Paratus