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do you accept discounts ??

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  • knotquiteawake
    some of the local fast food places give a 10-15% discount. I don't think i would take free though, thats a dark enough shade of gray to stay away from. a discount to take the edge off of the tax is nice though.

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  • 1stWatch
    Originally posted by N. A. Corbier
    ...Simply check with your company policy as to "bribery." And if it says that you can't take bribes... Then don't, since its next to impossible to.
    One should also check with the state's statutes to find out what the definition of "bribery", "official corruption", "honorarium", etc is. That doesn't always apply to police officers or government officials. It may apply to others as well.

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  • HotelSecurity
    Employee discounts at other hotels, free rooms for back-to-back shifts & free meals are part of the benefits of working in an hotel. (The free meals are a taxable benefit).

    Now as for cash tips. I was always taught that it was not proper for Security to accept tips. This was back in the good old days when Security did ONLY Security work. In the 80s when major cutbacks were done in hotels they cut things like overnight Bellboy & Housekeeping services. We now have to deliver towels to rooms in the middle of the night & help a guest who is checking out before the Bellboys arrive at 07h00 with their luggage. For THESE duties my staff have been told they can accept a tip. For anything purely Security, no.

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  • N. A. Corbier
    First rule about "gratuities:" Unless you have some power vested in you by the Government, you cannot be bribed! Now that we have that out of the way, onto the "reality" of bribing a security guard.

    Accepting gratuities that your company is aware of, as is the client, is acceptable so long as they are enjoyed by all. Why? Companies frequently give discounts and other "perks" to their own employees and contractors as a method of loyalty to the company.

    I have worked sites where access to the kitchen was authorized for all employees working the night shift. What did that mean? Free food for 8 hours. Free soda, free food, just make sure the area is clean as you left it so you don't make a burden for the kitchen staff in the morning.

    Is this a gratuity? Yes. Is this an improper one? No. It is part of the "benefits package" and therefore acceptable.

    Now, when you are given things by people who are not paying your company for services, you need to consider why its happening. If your company has the patrol supervisor stop off at the local 7-11 every night to refuel the patrol vehicle, and you are spending 30-60 minutes in the 7-11 eating their food and drinking their drinks for free - you may actually be creating a contractual agreement between your company and 7-11 Stores for protection services!

    Yeah, its a long shot, but its enough to make your company dislike you. A lot. Because they've been sued for failing to be there, like clock work, like they always have been, to stop that robbery.

    Another issue is taking gratuties from those you will have to impartially take action against later on. Lets take the instance of a residential complex. You are the patrol officer who works it for 12 hour shifts. You know the residents.

    One of them offers you free food from a BBQ. Are you tempted to say yes? Are you tempted to say no? There's danger in both yes and no here. If you say no the wrong way, you may offend them. These might be the only folks who will call the police when you're being shot at. If you say yes, someone else may call foul for "bribing security."

    Know that unless you have official authority as an agent of the government (Campus Safety Officers take heed: You are an agent of the government if its a public school!) you cannot be arrested on federal/state/local charges of misprison of office or bribery. Even if you lapse in the performance of your duties and it is shown you show favoritism to the person who gave you gratuities. Why?

    You are not a public employee or public official. You are a private citizen who has a contractual obligation only. You can't be bribed!

    Now, what can happen to you is you can be fired.

    Simply check with your company policy as to "bribery." And if it says that you can't take bribes... Then don't, since its next to impossible to.

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  • Tennsix
    Discount vs. Gratuity

    An employee discount is not a gratuity. If the discount is offered by your own company, it is a benefit. If it is offered by an outside business, you can bet they have some sort of financial arrangement with your company. Somewhere along the accounting trail, the business makes up for the discount.

    A gratuity is a service or merchandise offered with the expectation of special consideration. For example, a convenience store offers a free coke or cup of coffee in exchange for uniform presence/deterrence. Let’s say burglary alarms are simultaneously activated for two different stores, on the same block. Which one are you more likely to check first? The store that expects you to pay for everything or the store that feeds you for free?

    Is accepting a gratuity wrong? Technically, yes. However, most will see it as shades of gray.

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  • Jackhole
    This is going to be a long thread, I just know it.

    No, I don't personally accept discounts or free items because I've never been put in a situation to accept such things - no one's ever offered.

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  • IrishGuard
    Guest replied
    Do I accept discounts?

    My word I do, at every given opportunity.

    The discounts are usually related to Union Card holders or being contracted to or employed by a retail organisation that offers staff discounts.

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  • ozsecuritychic
    started a topic do you accept discounts ??

    do you accept discounts ??

    as you all know i work in a mall.some of the shops give mall employees a pretty generous discount.would you accept the discounts?.my fiancee picks me up every afternoon and the donut shop always has some donuts waiting for them they give them about $20 dollars worth of donuts.technically its not giving it to me but is that still classed as gifts and grattitudes.