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    Originally posted by SecTrainer
    What isn't clear to me is whether you get the report back to be "signed" electronically after it has been edited. Certainly, only the reporting officer should ever be the final signatory to his own report, and that means signing any revision of the original as well.

    This is how it works in healthcare, for instance. Only the physician who is ultimately responsible for a medical report can officially sign it - and also, must sign any revisions or addendums, etc.

    If so, you would then have two options: To re-edit the report back into the form you originally prepared before signing it, and/or to refuse to sign reports where there have been material changes.

    Admittedly, either option has its drawbacks. If you re-edit the reports, you're having to write at least some reports twice. If you refuse to sign them as they're being edited, you might appear to your superiors to be "obstinate" or "a trouble-maker".

    Before doing either, the third option of discussing the situation with your supervisor would appear to have the least amount of downside. Be sure you have specific examples when/if you do this.

    There's always one controlling principle it's good to live by in the corporate world: Choose your battles carefully, because some of them will cost you dearly in the long run, even if you "win" them in the short term.
    Amen. I've been there; done that. I got a call telling me the client didn't want me on their site because they thought I was documenting safety/health problems for a lawsuit. As ridiculous as that is, I couldn't convince them that their fears were unfounded.
    Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)