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    Originally posted by histfan71
    When you are interviewing someone, do you ask if they are applying for jobs anywhere else? If it turns out that they are applying for a full-time police job, find out how far along they are in the process.

    If they just started testing, then you can figure it will take about 6 months before they are done with all the screening tests. If they have already successfully passed the background investigation, then you might want to think twice before hiring that applicant. With police departments in the US anyway, the medical exam is usually the last step in the process before being given a job offer.
    In this case she was set to go to The National Police School (all Quebec police must attend) in the fall. I expected her to work the summer. It just happened that there was an opening in the school a few days after I hired her
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      In The Beginning There Was........


      I recall Securicor in the UK in the early 1960's when they recruited most of their security guards from ex or retired military and you could tell that from their dress and bearing.

      I have been reading the history of Securicor and it was interesting to note the following paragraph.

      Key to the company’s growing reputation for integrity was personnel screening. Applicants had to provide details of 20 years’ continuous employment or an employment history back to their school days, as well as supplying personal references and signing a statement to confirm the information. Induction and on-the-job training were also established, creating a recruitment and employee development policy that continues today.

      Times have changed and I note that the current international organisation does not have a good reputation in industrial relations with their security staff. A browse through the internet shows worldwide demontrations by these workers seeking better pay and conditions.