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Care of duty gear

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  • N. A. Corbier
    Who makes your duty gear? Is it real leather, or synthetic?

    If its real leather, especially if its a brand like Dutyman, LawPro, or one of the cheaper variety, get yourself three things:

    - Saddle Soap
    - Smith and Wesson Black Leather Dye
    - Leather Conditioner

    Saddle Soap takes crap off and conditions it. It may strip the dye off, though, if its painted on instead of soaked in. Either way, let the cheap black dye come off. Dye is good for dealing with scratches and cuts. If the saddle soap turned it brown - dye it again and let it soak in. The conditioner keeps it from drying out and cracking.

    The drying out and cracking part is the worst part about real leather gear.

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  • wjohnc
    started a topic Care of duty gear

    Care of duty gear

    Yes, yes, I know I said I wouldn't be posting until I finished the CPO training, but I just received my order of duty gear - inner and outer belts, cuff case, mini-mag case, latex glove case.
    I know about the soap and water thing for maintenance, to keep it clean, but is there anything that experience has taught you, tips and tricks, about how to set this stuff up for first use, as well as to keep it clean?
    Any suggestions would be helpful.