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  • would you be annoyed??????

    i work in one mall the other guard works nights at a different mall.i got chipped about my fiancee coming in because i forgot to give him his keycard .on tues and wed i had to cover the other guys shifts plus do my own because he said he couldnt get a babysitter.he was told i had to work at my mall till 9pm and he had to be available to work therefore he had to find a babysitter.when i got to work on fri my boss rang this bloke because 1 of the clients rang her to complain that he had taken his 9yr old that has severe behavioral problems with him to work.he admitted to and wanted to know who dobbed him problem is i asked to keep my fri nights and give the relief sat and sun.normally they would get fri,sat,and sun.i was told no and the relief does fri and sat this other bloke got sun far as im concerned he has been rewarded and me that works all day and night because he wont show up for work gets shafted.does anyone else think this is wrong or is it just me.this bloke has done the wrong thing many times and not been sacked.

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    i will also add this bloke is not allowed to work at my if i am sick and there is only 2 of us i have to go in sick unless im in hospital.


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      Chic, what he is doing is not nice at all, and taking his 9 year old into work with him would be an extremely BIG no-no at my workplace. I would not even consider bringing either of my daughters into work with me except to show them where 'Dad's' work is.

      However, I have discovered that not many people in Australia (and so it seems, many other countries of the world) want to get involved in the security industry, and the ones that are in it can practically jump from one company to another without worrying to much about a work ethics check from the prospective employer. Security personnel are to desperately needed in many areas for some security companies to worry to much about ethics, morals, etcetera as they need the warm body to fill the post.

      Most do not even think about the image the company may gain from placing some person into certain positions that may very well lose them a contract. If that happens, there are other security providers out there who are more than willing to step up and provide what the client may (or may not) require.

      That is more or less the reason I have found in my area for most persons of questionable work ethics not being sacked. They simply do not have the manpower to cover all the persons they would be getting rid of, hence giving opportunity to competition to take away contracts. On the other hand, they risk losing the client by allowing such foolishness to continue and then the job site is gone completely. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, or so it would seem.

      Originally posted by ozsecuritychic
      i will also add this bloke is not allowed to work at my if i am sick and there is only 2 of us i have to go in sick unless im in hospital.

      This I have to comment on. As the union delegate where I work, I would lend serious advise to you checking the AWARD in regards to this. This boils down to a possibly serious occupational health and safety issue. If not able to decipher the award (its a painful read), and you are in or are not in a union (LHMU or whatever union you have chosen to represent you and are a member of...for the most part, LHMU represents the security industry, as we are classed as misc workers), talk to your union rep or delegate and get them on the job.

      If I recall correctly, you need to provide your employer with a written doctor's certificate for the day(s) you are off sick and try to give them as much notice as possible so they can locate someone else to take your shift.

      The notice bit is more courtesy than anything else. If you are sick, you are sick...doesn't matter if you went to bed last night feeling healthy as a horse and woke up feeling like you'd been hit by a Mack truck, you obviously are too sick to make it in. The ramifications from an accident going to work, at work, etc while you are sick and taking medication, over the counter or otherwise, could be....bad. Better safe than sorry. Stay at home and take care of yourself first. You can't do anyone any favors by passing your cold / flu / etc to them while in the course of your duties.

      My .5 cents.


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        i wasnt sick i had injured my shoulder at tumba fest and called the relief to cover me he said no he wasnt coming in today,i asked him did he have another job he said no he was going to his mates place if he was still needed after 3pm call him then.and because the other bloke isnt allowed to work at my mall he couldnt do it so i had to go in.this bloke that took his kid to work has a real lot of trouble with the aboriginal kids from the rough areas,i would be real worried that they would do something to the kid as this bloke picks on them for no really annoyed me that they took a shift from me when i have not had a single day off and he has a lot of time off.i dont think they realise that female security is rare around these parts and i might take the job next time i am approached by the other companies.


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          An injury could be even worse, as you have to realise that not only are you putting yourself at further risk of damage to the damaged body part, but you will most likely NOT be covered by workers compensation if you do something else to it while at work.

          They will simply say you should not have worked while injured and there you are, stuck at home nursing a bad shoulder and no pay coming in. Again, my advice, look after you, because no one else will do so. A doctor would have easily given you a doctor's certificate to miss work that day. The security company you work for would have just had to deal with it.

          Remember, to properly do your job, YOU have to be healthy in order to look after the welfare of people and property.

          this bloke that took his kid to work has a real lot of trouble with the aboriginal kids from the rough areas,i would be real worried that they would do something to the kid as this bloke picks on them for no reason
          It would seem he brings it down on his own head. Shame about the child, and a shame we can't pick our parents sometimes. Although, I sometimes wonder if parents would not say the same thing, not being able to pick our children. I'm one of the fortunate ones I two are great, when they let me sleep after my 12 hour midnight shifts.


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            from now on i will not be doing this idiot blokes job for him and they can sort it out im not the boss so i shouldnt have to worry about it and i will not be going to work sick or injured.i am in wagga my supervisor is in newcastle and im pretty sure they dont know half of whats been going on here im thinking because i have done double shifts to cover for this bloke they dont know he has the time off because its not a problem if they dont have to hire another company to do his shifts.i have told them i will not be training people as i am not a workplace trainer.and not to ring me and say they didnt want to have to call me but idiot has been drinking and cant come in.this bloke has even refused to cover my shift because he was working in the bottle shop at the same mall doing private security(cash in hand) he had no insurance and he had his baton and handcuffs after he asked the boss for permission to do it and he said no because you have to have masters license.


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              Working privately doing cash in transit stuff without the person whom he is working for holding a Master Licence can get them both in some serious deep trouble, not to mention the serious feedback on the security industry across Australia.

              Its not like we don't get enough negative feedback / remarks as it is, without this idiot doing stupid stuff like that.

              And how can your supervisor supervise if you are in Wagga and they are in Newcastle? I'd say it be a bit hard to do able to watch what is going on at a site if they are several hundred kilometre's away.

              Then again, a lot of what is happening in the security industry does not actually surprise me all that much.

              You'd be amazed at some of the stuff I see Patrol / Security Officers do here in the ACT....and get away with. The problem here seems to be that management does not want to know about any issues. Just so long as there is a warm body filling the position, they seem to be happy. You can screw up royally and nothing gets done about it, not even a slap on the wrist.

              Well, unless you miss your VRT or forget to use your palm pilot so all hits are noted down so the big bosses can show clients that you were at their premises at such and such a time.

              If I recall correctly, in NSW you are not allowed to carry batons and handcuffs unless they are specifically given to you by the company, so that is another fine there. I don't recall the exact amount, but something insane like 100 unit fine. (That would be something in the range of $6000+ dollars).

              This guy seems like nothing but a diasaster waiting to happen. I'd steer clear as I could of him if I were you. Try the channels that you can, be that the supervisor, or someone higher up and explain to them what is happening, but put it the behaviour of this man is reflecting badly upon the company.

              I know most companies cannot afford back publicity, although...I'm not really sure in the security industry here in Oz. Doesn't seem to have the same effect here as it might have in the US or other countries. I could be wrong...have been before, and doubt it will be the last time.


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                you can have your own batons and cuffs,you can only wear it at work and take it to and from leaving in your car or wearing it if you are doing cash in hand jobs.i spoke to my boss as i felt that if i seen him pull that baton out he had a prohibited weapon and he was the threat.(depending on why he pulled it out)but he has pulled his baton on a 10 yr old kid before.he refuses to work if he cant have cuffs and baton.the police were tipped off when he was in the bottleshop but he was bending down behind a pallet of vb doing up his shoe laces when the police came in and he leaned against side of pallet so the baton was not seen.


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                  I will fire you with cause if you bring anyone on your post who is not an employee authorized to be there, unless it is an extreme emergency and you have advised us that your _____________ is coming for whatever reason.

                  You endanger the company, yourself, and whoever is there by bringing them along. If something happens, its the company's fault - and the insurance company will not pay off on that.
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                    that was my thoughts exactly.he should have been sacked months ago but now he has been given more hours even thou a client complained and he still takes his kid to work with him now.