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Florida "G" License (Armed Security): What handgun?

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  • Florida "G" License (Armed Security): What handgun?

    For Florida armed security ("G" License), there is a state mandated 4" rule for barrel length, for revolver and semi-autos. While my Glock 19 with a 4.02" barrel is fine, I really prefer the Glock 17 as it fits my hand more comfortably than the Glock 19 does. However, the Glock 17 has a 4.47" barrel, which exceeds the state mandated limit, by .47". What do you Florida Officers carry? Is this measurement really that critical in the eyes of the state inspectors? It is sometimes better not to ask the licensing authority for their "definitive" answer, as it raises their interest in this area.

    I appreciate any comments.


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    Not to be rude but.....who lied to you?

    I have never seen a 4" rule and FS 493 states:

    Unless otherwise approved by the department, the only firearm a Class "CC," Class "D,"
    Class "M," or Class "MB" licensee who has been issued a Class "G" license may carry is a .38 or
    .357 caliber revolver with factory .38 caliber ammunition only. In addition to any other firearm
    approved by the department, a Class "C" or Class "MA" licensee who has been issued a Class
    "G" license may carry a .38 caliber revolver; or a .380 caliber or 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol;
    or a .357 caliber revolver with .38 caliber ammunition only. A Class "C" licensee who also holds a
    Class "D" license, and who has been issued a Class "G" license, may carry a 9 millimeter
    semiautomatic pistol while performing security-related services. No licensee may carry more than
    two firearms upon her or his person when performing her or his duties. A licensee may only carry
    a firearm of the specific type and caliber with which she or he is qualified pursuant to the firearms
    training referenced in subsection (8) or s. 493.6113(3)(b).
    That's the only thing that pertains to firearm restrictions. you can carry a snubnosed .38 if it's not concealed. I have seen that before.
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      PT-92 has 4 7/8th" barrel

      Can't imagine where you heard 4" barrel (or a 1/4" barrel depending on where you measure from....), my old full frame PT-92 has a 4 7/8th" barrel and the old thing shot a perfect 240 just a couple of weeks ago in qualification at S2 in Tampa. They did say I couldn't carry my little 9X18 backup as a 9mm though.


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        There is no barrel length limitation to firearms in regards to "G" duties in Florida unless it is by the company. Though I have carried a 2" before with the last firm I worked for I now carry the standard 4" which is issued. This is ether semi-auto or revolver. However I think it would not be practical to have anything over 5" due to weight and draw ratio.

        Back ups or a 2nd weapon is allowed for "C" licenses only and not standard "G" duties.

        In regards to ammo amount I do know one person who carries a .357 S&W model that is a 7 shot. Which also I do not believe there is a ammo ratio limitation ether. Select fire weapons are also not allowed for "G" duties but there are a few semis out there with the 3 round burst ability. Some states (but mostly security companies) consider that "full-auto" while others do not. The Beretta 93R has this function which I would not mind having.
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          Update to starting post:

          I would like to thank all who responded to my question of, "allowable barrel length" for armed security in Florida. You were right!

          I reread all of the applicable statutes, and then went back through my class book, in which I found a pencilled note (by me) that barrel length was mandated at a maximum of 4". My "K" instructor stated that as "fact". I called the instructor today and asked for clarification of this "rule". He still insists it is required, but my gut feeling is that it possibly was a past requirement (even a good instructor can mis-speak), and is no longer required.

          Bottom line: If I can't find it in the statute, then I won't be overly concerned about it. I really appreciated all the prompt responses!



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            The 4" rule has not been in the statutes for sometime now. But has since been replaced over the years with language like "standard" in some examples from the State. "Standard" implied what is being used by the majority of LE around the US, which at one time was a 4" barrel length. Today as long as you qualify with a modern firearm of an approved DOL caliber, you can carry it in any reasonable barrel length. PS Remember the securely encased language.


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              I believe that you nailed it! I suspected a "obsolete" rule might be the crux of the problem. It is regrettable that the "standard" did not carry over to caliber, also. I would have liked something more potent than the 9mm.

              I appreciate your comments!



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                Was there ever a 4" barrel requirement? I remember that the old 1970s G license authorized a security guard to carry... a Winchester. Yep, a lever action rifle was authorized for security in the 1970s, as part of the G license, no special waiver required.
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