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    Satellite Dishes

    I'm surprised the DOHS hasn't investigated some of those homes.
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      Art Bell, is that you???

      Originally posted by EMTGuard
      Of course it's possible that it is still in use either for subscription service or even "Free to Air" reception. I know several "Free to Air" and TV DXers and many have impressive arrays of dishes and equiptment for recieving various channels.
      Here is a photo taken in the back yard of a friend of mine who is into satellite reception. All receive and the large ones track-

      Inside his home is his entertainment center where our Science Fiction club gathers to watch episodes of Doctor Who he snatched off foriegn satellites.

      Just as the average scanner listener may see my collection and say "Wow that's a lot of scanners" it's all relative. There are many others out there who have a much more elaborate monitoring station than me. So it goes for people with satellite dishes in their yards. One or two may be plenty for the average Joe but then you meet people who's hobby is scanning the airwaves and suddenly you no longer consider 6 or 7 dishes excessive.
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        Originally posted by Mr. Security
        I'm surprised the DOHS hasn't investigated some of those homes.
        Yea. There's more dishes there than on top of the CSIS building in Montreal. (Canadian Security Intelligence Service in case you were wondering )
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          Aus laws

          We are not allowed radar detectors either, in fact we have radar detector detectors in some police cars.
          We haven't had trouble for a while, Let's cancel security!