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  • double shifts

    does anyone else have to work 2 shifts.i know its not very long hours.i work 1230-1730 mon to wed. thur 1230 to 2100 (fri 1230 to1730 then 1800 to 2400) (sat 1100 to 1500 then 1800 to 2400) sundays are my only day off sometimes i get sucked into doing other peoples shifts after i do my own.a normal weeks pay after tax is around $800 is that good or bad.

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    Every weekend, and I like it that way.
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      Our shifts are 12 hours so working double would be a whole day- 24 hours. It doesn't happen except in emergency situations like ...hmmm let me think ... maybe freaking KATRINA!!!
      In that case my supervisor went down to the plant the Sunday before the storm hit and rode out the storm in the guard shack with another SO. I couldn't get in to releive him until the roads were cleared on Tuesday. So he did 48 hours straight. We got paid Hurricane Pay for that whole week. One Hundred dollars per 12 hour shift. The SO he worked with stayed on shift for 72 hours straight and slept in the guard shack on a cot the plant Security Director left there. Easy money sitting in the Guard shack eating MREs and drinking cokes someone left for us.
      Normally, IF My relief calls in at the last moment and I have to get on the phone and call around looking for someone to relieve me then I might have to work a couple hours over until they show up. I often have to work someones shift while they are on vactaion or out sick but never a double, aka 2 shifts back to back.
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