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    Thought we might all have a little fun here.....Especially the Swing Shift and Grave Yard Shift people. --- We've all worked some pretty crummy posts in our day as security officers but what was the post or site that stands out as being the one where strange things happened. {Unexplained noises, lights, voices, movement....that sort of thing} Now I'm no believer in ghosts or that crazy stuff but I've worked a few sites where I did feel the hair on my neck stand up.

    around 1989 - 1990 Still a senior in High School I worked for Wells Fargo Security {A real Rag-Tag Outfit compared to todays standards} anyway I was asigned to a company that manufactured recycling trailers that guessed it recycables. I mainly sat watch in the lobby at the receptionist's desk unless I was on rounds which was every hour. I worked the site from 4pm to Mid-Night. The site consisted of a main office, Various Shops, Storage areas, a trucking yard, and scrap yard. The Patrol was 16 Key Hits in various areas through out the facility....An average round took about 20 minutes.

    The office usually was quiet and only had 2 key hits than off to the fabricating shop which was 6 80 foot garage bays full of metal, tools, trailers, grease and what not for 5 Hits and for some reason I always felt like I was being watched why I can't tell but rumor had it that Old Man Kyle as he was known liked to work late hours...this was an employee who suffered a massive heart attack in the shop back in the 70's and died in the shop..The Shop was dark at night except a few night lights. Than outside to the yard...for 6 more hits. The Yard backed up to a densley wooded area that was fenced but had more holes than bad swiss cheese - The wooded area I found out later was a cemetery from decades back and had since grown over. And of course the closest house was miles away. The yard is where things got intresting......Between the woods which surrounded 3/4 of the property the metal from the trailer doors wood bang and creak on windy nights. The three final hits were in the employee parking and break areas. On numerous rounds especially after 10pm I'd find the main gate open and un-locked, lights on in the break room that I know were off on my last pass. An occassional toliet flush would be herd.

    One Night I came across a newspaper in the break room dated October 1974. Never saw any fiqures or ghostly voices on my watch but my relief re-canted how he found a lunch pail one night with a name on the top......K.Cramer with what looked to be pretty fresh lunch remains. I blew it off fiquring he was pulling my leg. Quite some time later....about 5 years or so the company went defunct and shut down. The building was demolished however Newspaper articles published about strange happenings at the site continued through the mid-90's --- Today the site remains an open field which I've seen frosted over even during the summer months.....Hmmmmmmmmmm

    What's you're wierdest site ????

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    I don't have any spooky ghost stories, however I swear I saw a UFO once.


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      Well my first security job was hospital security for a major hospital here. Our security office was near the morgue in the basement (kinda freaky)

      Most of the hospital was ok when doing rounds and that, nothing really freaky except for a few floors. The one floor was the old psych ward that was converted to offices,but it still had the prison like cell doors with the little windows and observation windows, I just felt like being watched on that floor. The other floor was the "sleep disorders" floor most of the time except on weekends the floor was empty and I would very rarely find doors that would be unlocked that I knew were locked before, but it did happen, I just shruged it off as a staff member had used the room and forgot to lock it back up. But that whole floor was really dark.

      One time I got paged to meet with the nursing staff on a floor around 1 or 2 am, So i responded to the page and the nurses were just shaking, literally, They said a patient had seen a ghost outside his window looking in at him. The nurses told me to go talk to him, he wasent on any meds and was going to go home the next day, well anyways he told me he didnt think it was a ghost but a real person, which is not possible because his window was about 3 or 4 floors up from the another roof, he described to me what he was wearing, what he looked like, he said they made eye contact, then the "ghost" just ran off, He was concerned that when he ran off that he maybe fell off the roof, the roof was a few stories below the patients window, it was the most freakiest thing Ive ever been called to, just writing this is sending shivers down my spine, anyways the one nurse was soo shaken up about this she wanted to go home dearly, I will always remember that room number too. Really freaky

      Some other things that were freaky too was doing morgue duty, helping take bodies down to the morgue and put them in the cooler, that really sucked.
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        Some other things that were freaky too was doing morgue duty, helping take bodies down to the morgue and put them in the cooler, that really sucked.
        Been there, done that...

        I used to work for a company called First Security back in the mid eighties at St. Francis hospital in Hartford, CT; We had one guard duty that was called a "7A Detail" which was while doing our 10 pm rounds... Any body parts/organs, etc. that were removed during the day's surgery were left in a box outside the morgue, and it was our job to place the box on a shelf inside the morgue...

        Now as if that isn't creepy enough, the morgue was just down the hall from the machine/boiler room which emitted all sorts of strange noises, especially at 10pm when the main hall lights go off and the only light is from those 5"x8" ankle wall lights... I don't know how much truth there is to the story, but I was told that shortly before I started there, a guard had gone to put the box in the morgue, apparently leaving the door open long enough for a temperature change to occur, thus rendering the just hours old body in the morgue to sit almost upright on the slab and let out a groan (I'm assuming the body gases or what have you shifted in the cadaver and caused this)...

        They finally found the guard in the chapel about an hour later shaking like a leaf; He had left his flashlight, detex clock, keys, and everything right there in the morgue and hightailed it out of there...
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          I've heard quite a few stories about cadavers off-gassing. You can usually tell from the stench, since these are decomposition gasses. From what I remember, body lividty will make a cadaver "sit up," as the body returns to its rigor state. This eventually passes as rigor subsides.

          When I was 18, I worked at a Jewish Nursing Home. Night shift. WBS company. (They forgot to pay us eventually... Were bought out by ITS International after awhile.) I had a full duty rig, minus firearm, which made the nurses feel safe. I was also young enough to think I was supposed to be constantly moving and "doing my job." Having just come from a defense contractor site, I was still in the "do your job" mind set.

          There was a cold spot near a room on the first floor. The cold spot was about 20 degrees colder than the hallway temp, and there was a definate "crackle" in the air when you stood in it.

          I noted it in my log, and asked the shift nurses if this was "normal." One said, "Oh, that's near the chapel, we have ghosts there." The other immediately started going on about how there is no such things as ghosts or cold spots or electrical fields.

          Boss calls me that morning, after I get home, and asks me "Have you been asking the nurses about ghosts?" After I had the log faxed to him, and spoke with the nursing floor supervisor, it was determined that a high powered transformer was in the room, which was ionizing half the hallway.

          I loved the annoying old nurse. I'd get calls about "Are you carrying pepper spray?" Me: "Um, yes, the sales manager said its a duty belt account..." Nursing supervisor told the woman to stop calling my company and complaining, because they downgraded it to warm body no rig that night. The nurses immediately went out that day and bought those big cans of OC, then carried them in their pockets, just to say "thanks" to the idiot.
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            There was a closed hospital building where my company was assigned to guard duty. The guard was prohibited from carrying weapons there, but was "encouraged" to carry a bright flashlight. I had to sit post there numerous times. The building and all its equipment had been subsidized. All the hospital equipment was still there, but it was not open for business.
            The second floor was the former pediatric ward and the fourth floor was the former psych ward.
            I never quite saw this for myself, but more than one guard came running out of that building screaming, saying they could hear children's voices, screaming, and demon noises. More than one of them quit without calling in and left the keys locked inside the building.
            I heard stories about them trying to walk the fourth floor and then were grabbed from behind by hands or shoved to the ground, only to find out no one was behind them.
            I never heard any of these noises or felt anything unusual. I did, however, see a striking resemblance of that building to the haunted hospital in the "Silent Hill" video game.
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