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  • Need some good advice

    Not really sure where I should post this, but was hoping you guys might be able to give me some insight on what decision to make for myself.
    Right now, I'm living in Sebring, Florida, making about $1100 a month, and have about $1050 a month in bills. Basically, I'm barely making a living. My uncle called me the other day, and is telling me I could go live with him in Pennsylvania. I can't remember which city he lives in, but in any case, he is saying all I would have to do is pay half of the utilities. I would just have to find a job up there, and then do whatever I want to do. My mom is telling me I'm stupid for thinking about moving, but I just don't see a future for myself if I stay down here.
    I'm honestly thinking about moving up there and trying to go to college. Before I make that decision, I was hoping you might be able to tell me a little about the cost of living in Pennsylvania, and what requirements you have to be able to achieve in order to obtain a security license. I have a class D license here in Florida. All we have to do for the license in Florida is attend a forty hour class. Basically, the choices I see are as follows:

    (1) I move to Pennsylvania to live with my uncle. I find a job and save up money until I can afford a better vehicle. I then save up until I can move out on my own, and try to make a living by myself. Then I go to college, whether it be from money I saved, or from student loans or grants.

    (2) I move to Pennsylvania to live with my uncle. I find a job and save up money until I can afford a better car. I then save money to go to college, and/or get some student loans to help me get through.

    (3) I stay here in Florida and work two jobs. I save up money and try to get a better car when I can afford it. I then apply for some grants or loans and try to go to college.

    (4) I stay here in Florida, but move to another town, such as Orlando. I work 40 hours a week at a better paying job, and try to save money to buy a better car. Then over time I try to go back to college.

    (5) I stay with the same circumstances as I am now. I try to get as much overtime as I can, and try to save some money. I look for a better job, and if I can find one that offers more money, I take it.
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    You already know what to do. I think you're just looking for somewhere else to place blame if it doesn't work out.
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      It would be unwise for anyone to make that decision for you. You have put considerable thought into your options and there may be more than one "right" option in those choices.

      You are correct about the need to gather more information about PA. I'm sure that this information is readily available on the internet. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make.
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        Originally posted by jakeslife
        You already know what to do. I think you're just looking for somewhere else to place blame if it doesn't work out.
        I don't know what makes you say that. The blame on any mistakes affecting my life always lie with me. I've always been raised to understand the "domino effect." You may not be the direct cause of an action, but when you think back, actions from the past have in one way or another effected the situation. In the long run, whichever decision is made, it will be my choice. If something doesn't work out, its my fault.
        The reason I came here to askfor advice, is because I was hoping to find somebody that lives in Pennsylvania, not to mention there are a lot of you with more "life experience" that might be able to put your insight from poast mistakes or personal belief. I was hoping that somebody could tell me if things are fairly expensive or cheap (cost of living), what you have to do to get a security license, etc. I'm honestly torn between the two decisions. I've always wanted to move away from here, to try to start a new life elsewhere sort of speak. I have the reputation for being a nerd in school, and had no friends because of that. I transferred from the high school and took some college courses and was in the police academy recently. I had to withdraw from the police academy because I ran out of funds though. I couldn't afford the ammunition, duty belt and holster, etc. I had forked out over $3,000 to the course. $2,000 to pay for the classes, then $1,000 or so for the uniforms etc. (which lies with me, I should have attempted to get some loans, or have worked a second job while originally going to the academy)
        I see Pennsylvania as an opportunity to get rid of the majority of the titles placed on me from my past. To gain a new reputation, and to try to focus on the positive. At the same time, in my mind, all it looks like all I'm wanting to do is run away from my problems. That is the only reason I haven't just up and left to go to Pennsylvania yet. I am doing as much research as I can so that I might be able to understand the ramifications of either decision I make, and then will make the decision that I see is best for me.


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          It may be too late to respond to this thread, but here we go. I live in central Maryland and I travel to Pennsylvania often. (I have relatives there). The cost of living can be cheap, depending on where in PA you live. If you stay away from the Philadelphia or Pittsburgh metro areas, it won't be horribly expensive. The rates of pay for security can vary of course, probably between $7-$10 an hour to start.

          The thing to keep in mind is that Pennsylvania is a rust belt state and is basically the ruins of the old steel/manufacturing industries. There is quite a bit of competition for the good jobs. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't try of course. If you want money in security/LE, you may need to look for employment with the state government; also the higher paying jobs are near Philly, Pittsburg and Harrisburg. I'm not sure where your uncle lives, but rent is pretty reasonable in many areas. There is no tax on food or clothing. You would pay school tax if you bought a house, but you won't be concerned with that. The state does require an annual inspection of your vehicle.

          If you have your heart set on moving to PA and starting over in life, I would suggest the possibility of finding a job that may not be in security. If you want to be a police officer, a good education is more valuable than saying "I was a security guard." You are very wise to be focused on learning. Also, go to and check out the federal job openings. There are quite a few of them in PA.

          I don't mean to be critical, but you seem to be going through a period of uncertainty and insecurity. The main reason I say this was because you mentioned how you were viewed as a "nerd" and how you feel like you want to escape all the labels that have been put on you. I can sympathize to a certain extent because I grew up in a rough school too. However, if you want to work in law enforcement you should sort these thoughts out. Scumbags can sense insecurity and you should sit down and really think about whether or not a career in law enforcement is for you. (And honestly look at yourself and what you want in life) I know this because I came to a point in my life a few years ago where I decided that a police job was not for me. It didn't make me a bad person, I was just being honest with myself. My personality was better suited for private security services. I was not a "community policing" type of person.

          Anyway, sorry about rambling to you like a social worker. Basically, the important thing is to be truthful to yourself. Go with your gut instincts on this moving decision. And look at your reasons for wanting to be a police officer and make sure they are the right ones. I wish you good luck no matter what you choose and I hope I'm not too late.


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            Grants. I doubt it.

            School loans. Don't do it. Don't do it. AND, Don't get a school loan. School loans are not paid back as easily as some would have you beliave. Pay for stuff up front. If you can't afford the school, you can't afford the loan.

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              Whatever decision you make, as I told my daughter and son-in-law a couple of years ago, the only way you know whether or not it was the right decision is when you can look back on it.

              It's not a bad thing to seek advice, that is a good thing when you're unsure. But, it is hard to give advice, especially when it could have such serious impact on your life, knowing that we can't be standing in your shoes with your understanding, feelings, doubts, fears even.

              Good luck to you and I sincerely hope you are happy with the path you choose to follow.
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                Originally posted by soontobeLEO
                was hoping you guys might be able to give me some insight on what decision to make for myself.
                You mention education in every option..... but always last. I assume you're young and have your whole live ahead of you. My advice?.... live in a tent, beg for food, walk everywhere, spend every dime you can scrape up on tuition and books.... and, 4 years from now you'll be saying, "Ha... that wasn't so bad.... and look at me now." 4 years is a very, very, very short time to sacrifice for the future.

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