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  • Interesting turn of events...

    The Missouri State Congress will soon be voting on HB2117 which would return the St. Louis City and Kansas City Police Departments back to local contol. STLPD has been state run since the Civil War and KCPD has been since 1870.

    The reason why I find this interesting is that if The Board of Police Commisioners is disolved, do their rules for private security go along with it? The main reason why I hope this is true is to allow the use of semi-auto pistols and tasers. Right now only .38 revolvers are allowed in St. Louis City, for thoes of you who haven't heard me rant about this topic.

    I would like some of your views on it.
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    Originally posted by Black Caesar
    some people just need killin!!!!! (Or Tasing, or pepper spraying or whatever).