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    Whilst I am currently in RM / LP for the time being, I am curious to know what items have been pilfered (not talking about cars or pc's walking out) but small items like toilet paper, garbage bags, cups, etc.

    Hotels ......... well I am sure we have all experienced the need to stock up on everything from tea and coffee to stationery to bathroom items and of course robes ...... which I am sure Hotel Security can tell us more details.

    But in the workplace, I have found toilet paper, liquid cleaners / soaps, garbage bags, cleaning towels, tea / coffee / milk supplies, stationery and blank CD's are prime targets.

    So what is most likely to go walking in your workplace or has gone walkabout at other workplaces ?
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    This reminds me of a funny thing that happened 2 months ago. Since I almost lost my foot due to diabetes I go regularly to a Podiatrist. The first time I went to her she asked me questions in the office to know what type of work I did & how much walking I did. We then went into the treatment room. I sat in the dentist like chair & took off my shoes & socks. She put the chair back & from a drawer pulled out a Holiday Inn towel. She turned red as a beet!!
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      I've got a new construction site. First day I get the walkthrough. Boss points out the box about 5'x5'x5' full of landscaping water controls. "This is the replacement for the one they stole". This site has a chain link fence around it. My only thought was "if you have people willing to get inside a gated area with a truck to steal stuff, why the heck are you only now getting security?".


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        I stand guilty
        I stole a #2 pencil
        A 39 cent Bic Pen
        A Boston Yellow Pages Telephone book. (There were ten of them left at the Gatehouse}.

        A firing squad is being assembled, and at sunrise, I will be shot point blank
        I may luck out though. Overcast clouds are called for at dawn of day. Greatest Comedy team ever!


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          If its's shiny and not bolted down, it's gone

          At my company, anything and everything, I like the saying "if its's shiny and not bolted down, it's gone". A big thing now is copper theft, notably copper (electrical) wire in industrial settings, the big stuff. Thieves will steel the wire or spools of it, burn off the plastic cover, with a fire in a secluded area, then sell the stripped wire often leaving behind the reminants of the stripping and naked spools. Perhaps making the wooden spools in a square shape would make it harder to move, then again when theres a will theres a way.

          Also copper theives have been known to also rip off sidding and eaves traughs from the sides of resdences in residential areas, not as profitable but does the trick if they are looking for drug money.

          Remember the different types of thieves mindsets, some have a plan for taking a particular item(s), for others it's a crime of opportunity.
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            I already posted the story of a woman who stole over $30k in cemetary ornaments inlcuding grave urns made from copper and brass and was caught to sell it all for scrap which is at sky high prices.

            When I worked at the college, the stationery teen queen helped her resigning friend carry a large carton to the friend's car. I asked to look inside and found over $1k of stationery, tea, coffee and other items inside - they had to drag it as it was too heavy to move. Both told me it was her personal stuff from her last day. It came down to greed not need.
            "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu