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RIAA's Investigation Firm "MediaSentry" Actually Unlicensed

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  • RIAA's Investigation Firm "MediaSentry" Actually Unlicensed

    Basically, MediaSentry is a firm that investigates if you're an illegal file sharer, gathers evidence, and gives it to the RIAA who then sues you.

    Is it me, or does this sound like a PI to you?

    Michigan agrees, but the best quote ever is in this thing, Michigan says they don't go after unlicensed PIs due to "difficulties with enforcement."

    You want to be a PI in Michigan and not have a license? Fine by the state, they can't touch you due to "difficulties with enforcement."
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    So anyone from a common fool to a dangerous criminal can be a P.I. (of some kind) in Michigan?
    It does look quite do-able at this point.

    Makes one wonder who will end up having to care enough to do something about that issue there.
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