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  • kids!!

    i work part-time for a small security company. i have been doing it for 10 yrs now. last year i was transferred to an industrial area, and part of my watch is a public park that runs into the old mill property. i usually work only on weekends now, from sat- sun, 7am-6pm. this past saturday was your regular watch, nothing much happening but killing time. but there are some old railroad tracks near my watch, and there are paths up to some old brdge bases still standing, and believe me, they are dangerous. so as i was making my rounds, i noticed a young boy and girl scaling up there. i made my way there and caught them screwing like rabbits on top of the bridge. i kinda chuckled to myself and then yelled "cut that out!!". the poor girl coulda died, but the boy spun around real quick and next thing i knew, he had a damn knife pointed at me. i asked him to drop the knife, but instead he decides to play [email protected] and come at me telling me not to shoot him. i am not a armed guard, matter of fact the only thing i carry is a cell phone and mag-lite, so i was astounded that this little punk thought i would shoot him. i used my mag to knock the knife out of his hands, then i threw him like a sack of rice on the ground, kicked the knife away, and then asked him what his problem was. i took the boy and girl down off the bridge and had them sit on a retaining wall while i questioned them and whether i should call the police. the girl was 12, the boy was 13. i told him that it was so stupid to pull a knife anyone, that if i had been a cop, i woulda probaly shot him. both were crying, and the girl wanted to go home. turns out their parents had dropped them at the park for a "play-date". the boy was very apologetic, and said that he wanted to look tough in front of the girl. well, i lectured him for quite sometime, then decided against calling the police. i decided instead to call ther parents and alert them to what was going on. well the parents arrived, and were madder than wet hens. the father of the boy took the knife and broke it on the spot. the mother of the girl took her home. the father of the boy then asked me if his son was banned fromt he park. i have no authority to do that, so i said no. well i thought that was that, but yesterday, sunday, the boy was back at the park, and he came up to me and apologized and thanked me for not calling the police on him. 20 minutes later i catch him spray paining mushrooms on the same bridge. this time i called the police, and let them handle it, but i also told them about saturdays problems too. they told him not to come back to the park, turns out the kid is a major pain in the communitty. he was involved in a mva last year where a young lady lost her life, and he had been going downhill since. i feel sorry for the kid, but i think he needs to get help. when his father showed up yesterday, he was madder than before which is understandable, but he went crazy when one of the responding officers mentioned that maybe the kid needed counseling. so to the would u guys have handled this?? this kid could grow up to be president, or else he could grow up to be a mass murderer. do ya'll think i handled this right?? i figured if he was back sunday and still misbehaving, he has some issues. any insight is welcome!

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    In all honesty, if a person doesn't realize the 2nd chance they had been given and goes and does something else stupid, then I think you did the right thing. I like to do what you did, avoid police when possible, talk to the person causing the issue while trying to knock some sense into them, and give them a 2nd chance if I deem appropriate. But when they do soemthing stupid again, I don't give them any more leeway, I call the Sheriff's Office and let them handle it. I think you did the right thing. The boy may need further assistance, but with any luck, the girl has learned the error of her judgement.
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      It sounds to me like you did okay. I would have arrested the punk the first time for assault, but that's me. You did what you thought was the right course for you at the time.

      The dad isn't doing the kid any favors by not seeking some sort of help for him. The kid is heading for a life of crime and jail.

      The 12 year old punks I dealt with in public housing are in their early 30's now. One day I was bored and ran a bunch of the names I remembered and some from old ICRs I've saved. I seemed like all of them have histories of petty crimes, with over half doing hard time for rape, robbery, dope dealing, assault, and even murder.

      I hate to say it, but it is likely that kid will soon have a gun to point at you. And if he's crazy enough to come at you with a knife, he may shoot you.
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        thats what worries me so much. kids nowdays do have options. there is so much they could do, and even if a parent is not involved, there are more and more programs that reachout to them. i have been lucky so far, this kid saturday was the meanest i have come across. yea, the poor girl...i bet she becomes a nun. her mom was ready to tan her hide raw!! i try not to mess with the police to much. they have their hands full, and to be honest, nothing ever happens to warrant a call to them.


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          The moment he pulled the knife he would have gone to jail.

          Kids being kids sneaking off to screw is one thing, pulling a knife is a diffren matter.
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            Good news:
            You're not cut, stabbed, or dead.

            I have some questions, though.

            1. Is the bridge area part of your post?
            2. Is your company contracted to provide security services to the city/county/public municipality that owns the public park?
            3. What are your post orders in relation to confrontation?

            I ask these questions because in many instances, this is a textbook "why we terminated the guard" incident for many observe and report security firms.

            Always be aware of the boundaries of your post, and what your post orders are, so that you don't find yourself out of a job for doing something sensible like defending yourself.
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              the property i patrol borders right alongside the park and the train-tracks, the on the otherside of the tracks. basically they set a park right in the middle of the property. its my understanding that our company and the local p.d. came to an agreement several years before my time to allow any guards to patrol the park too. i think it stems from when the textile plant was in operation, the guard there was a special policeman, and he guarded the area then. the park is actually a natural springs park, so sometimes we have alot of the dnr guys there too. but when our company got the contract to guard the area several years ago, i believe they took over the park "watch" too to alleviate some of the police's work. i have no "arrest authority", i can only attempt to detain people until the proper authorities arrive. i dont even own cuffs. i like to say that i am just a watchman, but my badge says guard, so who knows. my main mo is to keep people from trespassing, vandalising, or attemping to enter any of the buildings that are locked. when i took this position, i was given a badge, cell phone, and mag-lite. i wear a black t-shirt with security printed on front and back, and a cap that says security. there are boundaries to the park, and i have to make sure(in a nice, smiling manner!) that nobody crosses over to areas that are considered "industrial". as for the railroad tracks, they are active, but used by a very small company, just to move freight thru about 4 towns. we do have the contract for them. they own all the old bridges and such which at one time were tracks. there is a f.d. across the street, as well as city hall, so trying to keep kids from running across streets and such falls in there too. as for confrontation, i was informed that i have a right o defend myself, but to also call the p.d. for anything that could be considered threatning. but its a small southern town, hardly anything happens there. its just one of those fading mill villages, trying o urn itself into a small metro area.


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                Originally posted by nightguard View Post
                i wear a black t-shirt with security printed on front and back, and a cap that says security.
                Honestly, if you would have confronted me, I may have taken a defensive action just as that kid did. I do not think the "security" t-shirt should be used for anything but bars and nightclubs personally.
                "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
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                  I would be very careful about where you become an employee and what side of the line you become Joe Citizen again. Fine to report the matter and wait a month for a response but if the kid has challenged you - then you have a right to defend yourself and take the matter further. Those maglites are multi-purpose tools - many uses.

                  Not these kids, but many other kids roam the streets or suburbs because the parents either don't care about them or are just not home working or drinking down the club. I would find kids who live 2 - 3 hours away around the same age who would be in the CBD at 0230 begging for money off office workers. 1 kid was the grandson of a bus driver who dragged his bum onto HIS bus and made him wait until he finished his shift.
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