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Mirror on a Stick, "It's so Ghetto".

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  • Mirror on a Stick, "It's so Ghetto".

    Friday I had to interupt my vacation to go in and work a day shift when my Shift Supervisor was ordered by his Doctor to take some time off after a Cardiac test. When I got to work that morning there was something new in the guard shack.
    At our steel mill we don't inspect vehicles going in or out but a long time ago there used to be a convex mirror on a metal handle with little wheels which theguards could use if it was necessary to look under vehicles. That peice of equiptment grew legs and disappeared many moons ago.
    Recently our Facility Security Coordinator realized that we were missing this vital piece of gear and decided that he could fashion something up instead of ordering a replacement from a catalog.
    So he got a stick, a roll of electrical tape, a conduit bracket and a old hand held mirror left in a lost and found box and made us this.

    My S/O coworker took one look at it and shook her head. "No way am I gonna be seen using that thing. That's so ghetto."
    I can't agree more.
    Hospital Security Officer

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    Facility Security Coord.

    He's a real MacGyver....
    Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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      Kind of imaginative I think. Given the state of budgets in most security venues, anyone who can think of ways to get an edge working with what's available is a definite asset. 2 thumbs up to your coordinator. j.


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        That's a safety hazard. Its not properly secured (electrical tape?!), its wooden and plastic and you're going to stick it under running semi-trailers?
        Some Kind of Commando Leader

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          N.A. beat me to it - I was going to make a comment on safety and 7 years bad luck if the mirror broke. I have seen these for sale for next to nothing and would wonder what would happen if something did sneak by due to a mirror slipping or whether it was an approved "backyard job". I don't know who sites can lose equipment if you are signing for gear at every shift. "Ghetto" - I guess that is a new US term I can use on my next trip there LOL.
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