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What makes a good supervisor/leader?

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  • HotelSecurity
    The fact that I have to cover 40 hours a week doing what I ask my staff to do forces me to lead by example.

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  • Curtis Baillie
    On Thursday I heard an excellent motivational talk on 'leadership and becoming a leader' by Rick "Doc" Walker, formally of the Washington Redskins.

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  • copelandamuffy
    I have been an Account Manager for four years. In an Industry where turnover is as high as 110% per year, in those four years 80% of my crew
    that started with me in early 2004, are still working for me.

    A simple thank you to your Guards for the job you do goes a long way.
    A "atta boy", "atta girl" for going above and beyond the call of duty.

    On a day when in the Boston area it is snow, sleet, and rain, I expect my
    Guards to go out on patrol. But guess what, I too am going out on patrol
    in this rotten weather.

    I expect the bathroom to be kept nice and clean. I am also on my hands
    and knees scrubbing down.

    Recently one of my weekend Guard who works the 2300-0700 shift wanted
    to take the weekend off to spend with a romantic weekend with his wife, but
    did not want to lose finances.

    Not a problem, I simply switched hours with him. I worked the graveyard shift
    on the weekend, and he worked the weekdays 0700-1500

    One of my Guards is planning to move to San Diego. He is going to
    continue to want to work as a Guard. I have already contacted
    San Diego's Securitas that they are about to get a darn good man.

    These are too me the little things that make you a good boss.

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  • Bill Warnock
    That is excellent presentation for which you are to be commended.
    It should work but often doesn't because senior leadership fear political consequences if subordinate leaders are "firm, fair and don't back off." Washington DC, aka "Sodom on the Potomac," set such examples on a daily if not hourly basis.
    Enjoy the day,

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  • inman
    This is from my presentation.

    There has to be a better way, right?

    ·It's called leadership. When you lead, you create an environment where people decide to follow, to take responsibility, and to be held accountable. When you manage, you tell people what to do, monitor the progress, and make adjustments. You should do both, but the more you lead and the lessyou manage, the more successful both you and your employees will be.

    ·Explain How They Fit in the Bigger Picture

    ·The first stepin leadership is determining where you are going. How can people do their jobs if they don't know their purpose? How do their jobs fit in the big picture or even the next cog in the wheel? People take responsibility more easily when they know what they're responsible for - and that means more than just a list of job tasks.

    ·The second stepis gaining commitment. Make sure you have clearly communicated job standards and provided training, because if you haven't been specific, you are going to get mixed results.

    ·Then make sure they understand why the standards exist and ask them to identify any obstacles that keep them from achieving the standards. Your job is to provide resources and remove obstacles. When commitment wanes, as it will when the going gets tough, remind people about the importance of the standards to the big picture.

    ·The third stepis inviting people to improve the process. Get them watching for ways to continually do things better. Don't settle for easy goals. On the other hand, don't sabotage people with impossibly high goals.

    ·If you want to challenge your very best people to stay engaged, ask for and reward innovative thinking. Encourage people to use "alien eyes" when they do their work. That means look with an outside perspective and ask, "Why do we do it this way?"

    ·Leading Means Caring

    ·The fourth stepis showing you care. The old saying goes, "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

    ·If you often find yourself saying, "Why can't they just do their job?" look at your own attitude. Have you been empathetic and caring about what is going on with them?

    ·All of our lives are divided into segments. It is unrealistic to believe people can leave the rest of their lives outside the door when they come to work. Taking an interest in people and their lives will earn their caring toward you, as well. People enjoy working with and giving to people they care about. People are loyal to people they care about.

    ·The fifth stepis helping people find the right fit. Sometimes we put a round peg in a square hole and wonder why it doesn't work. It's really hard to be successful if you don't have the knowledge, skill, or talent to do a job. Even if you think the job is one that anyone can do, be on the alert for clues that a person might be better suited for a different job. Match innate talents with learned skills. Even if you have to steer them to working somewhere else, you will find that both skill level and job satisfaction will be higher.

    ·So, the next time you're pulling your hair out asking "Why can't they just do their job?" ask yourself, "Am I doing everything I can do as a leader to help them do their job successfully?" Remember that just because a job can be done by someone doesn't mean it will be done by them successfully. You have to lead by creating an environment where they both want to be and can be successful.

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  • JB diligence
    started a topic What makes a good supervisor/leader?

    What makes a good supervisor/leader?

    I am interested in what all have to say, if you are a front line officer, supervisor FTO or even management, let's hear it!

    What qualities should a "good" supervisor/leader possess that would both be good for employees as well as the client?

    I'll begin by saying a few (of many) things that I think a good supervisor/leader should; Be one who leads by example, never gives an order that they would not follow or do themselves, is approachable to all employees who will listen and consider their ideas/problems. A good supervisor/leader acts in the best interests of both the client as well as their employees.

    What are your thoughts, what would YOU want as a supervisor/leader?