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What makes a good supervisor/leader?

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    Hey inman, I think I need you to apply for a supervisory job at the Bureau...
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    IX. Strive to attain professional competence.


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      Originally posted by JB diligence View Post
      I am interested in what all have to say, if you are a front line officer, supervisor FTO or even management, let's hear it!

      What qualities should a "good" supervisor/leader possess that would both be good for employees as well as the client?

      I'll begin by saying a few (of many) things that I think a good supervisor/leader should; Be one who leads by example, never gives an order that they would not follow or do themselves, is approachable to all employees who will listen and consider their ideas/problems. A good supervisor/leader acts in the best interests of both the client as well as their employees.

      What are your thoughts, what would YOU want as a supervisor/leader?
      The person should be:
      Fair but also tough
      and most importantly... should have bucket loads of Common Sense.
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        Originally posted by FederalSecurity View Post
        Hey inman, I think I need you to apply for a supervisory job at the Bureau...
        Some think I am overqualified for my present employer with all the certificates of training that I have. I will take all the training that I can get, and give all that they request of me.


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          it helps...

          It does make your staff feel better when they're appreciated more and not talked "down" to. Unfortunately, my last 2 managers where I worked recently lacked in several areas. THEY COULD'VE LEARNED A LOT FROM FROM THIS FORUM

          My 1st LPM had his moments to say the least and we were lucky to even get thank you's or good job, way to go's from him. Instead we got lots of verbal abuse from him and if you didn't tell him off, he just kept on doing it

          My 2nd LPM did better in the beginning but then started sliding. He was fun to talk with, would tell jokes etc. But for whatever the reasons, when you wanted to learn from someone with 19+ years in the business, he wanted no part of it...and became an instant a**hole

          This was 1 job where I've never regreted working with 2 people more in my life.....fargin bastages
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            what makes a good supervisor/leader

            Know Be Do .
            Know what is required of you, your customers, your employer, your employees. Be there for your Boss be there for your Peers, be there for your subordinates(right or wrong Just be there)when called upon. Do the right thing (again right or wrong) do the right thing for all concerned in each and every situation, Do not hesitate to praise, criticize, correct, counsel, Do Not be affraid, be aware, be alert, be positive!!, be compassionate, be firm, be fair, be stratigiecally, tactically and technically correct.
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              "Life In Every Breath"