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    Originally posted by Limo LA View Post
    I'm not sure if we (California Guards) has right to search suspect's wallet to ascertain his identity.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, I believe California guard has right to search ONLY weapons and nothing but weapon, after arrest was made.
    No evidence, No drug, No merchandise, also no ID (as I believe) search.
    We can coincidentally find evidence or stolen merchandise and put them aside during weapon search. but we are not allowed to perform nothing but weapon search.

    Arrest him, inform him, search weapons, then take him over to LEO (actually wait for LEO will arrive) without delay.
    That's what I believe legal procedure for California guards.
    Courts in my state have ruled that a private person has the same powers of search incident to arrest as peace officers. We generally ask for consent if it a non- combative person. Any contraband found during a search incident to arrest is allowed in court. Only if my state had laws against possessing pipes and needles. We also have the power to forcefully take ID from arrested persons to fill out the citizen's arrest forms.
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