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lol... craigslist ad.. from my area

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  • lol... craigslist ad.. from my area

    We have one position open for part time work. It includes 32 hours a week with a pay of $9 an hour. It is a security and reciptionist job. The opening hours are as follows. Sunday 6am-12pm. Monday through Friday 12pm-6pm. You have friday nights off and the entire saturday. When you are not assisting anyone you can do as you please. You can play video games, and for college students you can do your homework. Please send resumes and questions to my email at [email protected]

    I x'd out the email... on purpose to protect the poster..
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    This is a funny one from minneapolis.
    ATTN. SPECOPS AND GECKO45 my secret username is CIDDECEP and I am your S2. My authorization code is Six Wun Quebec Oscar Fife. Your presence here is tactically dangerous and compromises our overall mission parameter. Cease and desist all activity on this board. Our “enemies” are deft at computer hacking and may trace you back to our primary locale. You have forced me to compromise my situation to protect your vulnerable flank. This issue will be addressed later.


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      craigslist ad

      Better not let dougo83 see this.....
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        beg your pardon?


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          Who are you all kidding? Every single one of us would have killed for a job like then while in school. And you all know it!

          Hell, that doesn't sound to bad now. Certainly less stressful than what I do now. Let me know when they have a full-time opening... like on overnights!
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