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question for the guys n galls.. aussies too..

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  • question for the guys n galls.. aussies too..

    Ok to start mt apologies for errors here, im typing one handed for the next few months. Im having some problems with work and curious if anyone else has experienced them and any ideas..
    I work one doube a week right now and im getting better bout waking up for it and making it full steam through the 16 hours. At the end when im trying to go to bed, on this but other nights as well, I keep hearing the dispatcher in my right ear, giving calls and just random radio traffic. Is this common??? Trust me, the radio is off, and secured in my closet but I hear her and other dispatchers for that two hour wind down period and its just old when dead tired.
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    I used to get this sometimes after a stressful night of bouncing - hearing radio calls running though my head. It used to happen to me when I would try to go to sleep immediately after getting off a shift, and trying to go to bed.

    What you need to do is unwind before you go to bed. Take a drive, read a book, surf the web, watch a movie, just do something to wind down before you climb into bed.

    I also listen to classical music or smooth jazz on my way home, and I avoid the freeways.

    If you're open to it look into the chinese "earth meditation."
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      I would make the most of your time off - uniforms ready, even socks and undies out for that quick exit in the morning and making the coffee ready before you need it all saves time and gets you into sleep mode by coming off a natural high.

      I worked in production and event security and a few nights we would clock up 18 - 20 hours straight only coming home so exhausted. I know yanks don't drink tea much but I used to find a mug of tea coming off shift would calm me down and I still follow this after a very long day or long flight home.

      Oh and a little trick a DJ told me 20 years ago was to elevate your feet on an old quilt or doona - just 2 inches will let the blood flow from them and let you walk 10 times better the next morning.
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