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Stealing from the Elderly

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  • Stealing from the Elderly

    Stealing from the elderly has to be one of the lowest acts that anyone could pull.

    This afternoon an elderly Lady in her 80 plus pushing a walker had her hand bag stolen from her while she was doing her shopping. Than bag contented her house key money bank book. Only one lady come to help her. How bad is that?

    But why from an elderly lady?? why not from some other person in the mall.??

    I recall the time that my mum was walking down the street and had her handbag taken from her. Mum was not a every well lady at the time but it sent her hospital where she died about a year later. The guy that did it got let off.

    And the some thing will happen to these low life who stole from this lady today if they ever get court.

    You steal from the elderly you should be put away first time or not for at lest 4 years and a $5,000 fine on top plus payment to the you stole from.

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    Society is going down the tubes, understandably witnesses to an event such as an assault or bag snatch will more often than not turn a blind eye to it fearing they may well end up a victim.

    Last year here in Melbourne Australia an assault occurred against a women as she attempted to get out of a taxi.

    Two good samaritan's came to the woman's aide, one ended up dead and the second good samaritan as well as the woman ended up in hospital with serious injuries. The low life attacker produced a hand gun and used it.

    In my job working in a shopping center (mall) it seems to be a regular occurrence where the elderly are subject to theft in the form of bags snatches and even shopping trolleys loaded with the weekly groceries.

    An easy target offering little resistance and with the knowledge that people don't want to get involved leaves these undesirables with an opportunity to good to resist.

    A sad indictment on today's society.

    Thank god for LE and Security Guards etc who do give a damn or we would all be in the gutter.


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      Yeah AS that was world news as the bloke was coming to the aid of the victim with an o/seas traveller who also stepped in and was shot. Mongrels these days go for easy targets and know that most of the elderly will not use credit cards or internet banking as it is far beyond their understanding. People desperate for a hit will take whatever they can get easily and at 1 firm we found a gang coming into the staff locker rooms and poping the lockers right on pay-day. I found an ex employee involved and we had no CCTV so we had the staff report everything to me directly. Easy targets and these people are known to go to the bank at lunch time to get their pays.
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