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  • Wish me luck

    Hi guys,

    I've finally been given a start date and training date... I'm not allowed to tell you because it was breach my contract (Apparently).

    My training will consist of SIA Standard CCTV and Stadard Security Guarding training and no First Aid will be done on the course.

    Full training course will last around 4 days.

    The training consists of:
    Rolls and Responcibilities of a Security Guard
    The Law and I
    Data Protection Act 1998
    and the one I am looking most forward too... CONFLICT MANAGEMENT!

    Once I've passed the course I'll be certified and a fully licenced PROFESSIONAL security officer.

    It's a welcome change from being non pro.

    Anyhow, hopefully the course goes ok and whilst I am there I'll let them know about you guys and give them the link... hopefully some of them will join up.
    Ewfr 'Gomulee - EuwFer 'Gom-You-Lee
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    Also, thought you guys might like this picture I found on Google.
    Ewfr 'Gomulee - EuwFer 'Gom-You-Lee
    Court Security Officer - Her Majesty's Courts Service HMCS


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      I am sure that police and fire would love to be lumped in with security. Good luck with you training! One reason why we tend to get looked down upon sometimes is the horrible training our profession has.

      N.A. said something on here awhile back about security been non skill labor. Sad, but true, he is right.

      My police training consisted of a college degree, a 4 month internship, plus a 9 month skills course. Stack that up against the training that is required to be a security officer. Granted, they are totally different jobs, but it might shed some light on why police officers often feel the way they do about security.


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        Best of luck and as safe out there
        "Life In Every Breath"


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          That image you found on Google is for a union. They cover special police and security for the government, usually contract police forces for NASA, etc.
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            Conflict Management is standard now with all new security staff in Australia (new component). Now as it happens in the real world with a person of 5'2" with a slight accent and small stature giving text book directions for someone to move away or leave the premises is going to require an Emergency Call for an Ambulance as there is no perfect response just suggested for THAT situaiton at THAT time.

            Ironically, a bloke who drives a forklift can be working 2 days after his 3 day training course and earning $23 US / hr day shift whilst the bloke who has forked out $1k US for training and licence is earning $14 US / hr day shift.

            Best of luck with your training.
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