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Ex-Navy Station Guard Charged with Impersonating Office

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  • Ex-Navy Station Guard Charged with Impersonating Office

    Ex-Navy Station Guard Charged with Impersonating Officer

    GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (AP) -- Police have charged a former Charleston Naval Weapons Station security guard with impersonating an officer after stopping him in a car with blue lights, a siren and a camcorder.

    Goose Creek police say 50-year-old Jon Christopher Esco, who worked as a private security guard at the station, also had four guns when he was arrested last Friday.

    There's no indication Esco pulled anyone over, although police haven't seen the dashboard camera tapes. Esco is free on bail. He could not be reached because his phone is disconnected.

    Police say Esco hasn't worked at the weapons station in six months. He was supposed to have turned in his ID.
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    I love my dashcam. It saved me grief twice when I was on the volunteer fire department. I need to remount it in my car. I removed the camera to do my ham radio TV stuff with it.
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      They do come in handy. They are a great training tool too.
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