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  • Licencing.

    How are you all licensed in your countries?

    Over here we have the Security Industry Authority... better known as the SIA and we have to be licenced by these people.

    Some Security Personnel, such as myself, do not need licences because we are, or have been, contracted internally by the company we work for.

    Here's the site link to the SIA if it peeks your interests:
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    Different states have different requirements.
    Here in Louisiana, In house guards don't need any license or training. Contract guards are licensed by the state and require 16 hours of training within 90 days of being hired.
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      Hmm, I might just move over there then :P

      Are there different rules for Armed guards or is it all the same?
      As you know even English Police are not armed as standard so guards have no weapons or anything that can used as a weapon, even close protection officers don't get weapons and we still have to go for training.

      I have to go to an SIA 4 day training course very soon, not too sure when because the company I am with are sorting it all out but very soon.
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        Licensing in Australia

        Each state in Australia has different licensing requirements.

        Most states will require you to undergo your Certificate II in Security Operations, Senior First Aid and CPR training.

        Some will also require you to do your Certificate III in Security Operations.

        All will require you to undergo a criminal history check.

        Weapons licencing will require you to undergo future training.

        For more information check the links below:

        New South Wales

        Victoria Police works to reduce the incidence and impact of crime, and keep our community safe through initiatives, programs, and partnerships.

        Western Australia


        Northern Territory

        South Australia

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          I'm a California unarmed guard

          As EMTguard had said, in the USA, there are 50 states, and each state has its own agency that regulates and issues guard license. I'm in California, and its regulated by BSIS (Bureau of Security & Investigative Services), a sub division agency of the state's Dept of Consumer Affairs. Here's their site

          In California, guards are mostly non-union, so we make between the state's minimum wage ($8 an hour) to just slightly above that Someone had posted that guards are unionized in Minnesota; I wish California guards were unionized. Some reading this may think $8 an hour is OK, but the cost of living in CA is high, especially in the cities. I use to work as an armed guard, and that only pays $1 more than an unarmed guard. When you factor the cost of gasoline, and you're driving farther because most armed post are in or near the city's downtown area (high-crime regions), then the extra pay just goes to paying your gasoline. In the USA, in-house security is where the good pay is at, but they're scarce, and not easy to get hired on with.

          I'm an unarmed guard with CPS out of Gardena, CA; and they start their guards at $9 an hour. If you type "cps security" on the search engine, they show up on the first page. This company sucks, but it pays the bills.


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            In Canada each province has it's own laws about licensing Security.

            In Quebec we are in the middle of a change. A new law was passed last year but is still in the process of being enacted.
            The Sureté du Québec presently isssues permits.They are presently needed on by those working Contract Security. People like me, working In-House do not need one.
            The present license is good only for 1 company.

            The new law will require everyone working any tupe of private security from Contract to In-House to Bar Bouncer to Alarm Installer to have a license after taking a course. this license will allow you to work for any company.

            The new licences will be issued by a new department the government is setting up.

            On a side note this is apparently causing problems for Security Agencies to hire these days. Since the S.Q. will be getting out of the licensing business they are presently not replacing Officers that are retiring. This is making long waits for people to get their licenses.
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              Ditto to what duncan_a_resort_security stated I will just add that in applying for a license in Victoria one has to compile a mountain of paperwork from 100 points of identification to references from the likes of doctors etc. A nightmare in itself.


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                Just as OMG mentioned, California Guards are controlled by BSIS.
                BSIS control
                * Private investigator license (They don't control PI's employee, They don't issue license, permit or registration for PI's employee)
                * Security "business" license (company, owner and Manager)
                * Security Guard registration (Security personal = Employee)
                * Proprietary Security (in-house security) registration
                * Alarm company and Employee
                * Repo company and Employee
                * lock smith company and employee
                * Firearm permit (for on duty PI, Security and alarm company employee)
                * Baton permit (for on duty security)

                in-house security also have to have registration (PSO card) but less requirement and training hours than regular Guard Card

                Guard card, Firearm permit and Baton Permit are issued to individual by BSIS.
                When you switch companies or even change job to car sales or mechanic, you can keep guard card and all permit (But weapon permits works only "on-duty")

                we have only one class (level) of Guard registration.
                No Class M, G, commissioned non-commissioned or Close protection (personal protection, Executive protection) licenses.
                One card works for all (just need additional permit for weapon)
                but even off-duty peace officer (police, Deputy, agent) need to have BSIS issued Guard card and firearm permit if they work as private security officer on his (her) off duty hours.

                Guard must be "Employee" and may not to make any "contract" to anyone.
                (include off-duty P/Os)

                also OMG mentioned, pay for Security in California is toooo low regarding with living cost.
                and many companies offer none or small benefit (life, health insurance, retirement plan, paid vacation,etc)
                Not many but few chauffeurs are armed to protect clients.


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                  I've tried contacting the American Embassy today but they didn't want to talk to me unless I made an interview date and when to them in person.

                  I wanted to know what the rules were for Brits moving to the states and working as security and getting a citizenship.

                  As I understand it, working in the US Police force requires a foreigner to have been a full USA citizen for... 9 years? something like that so I'd assume that Security work would still take a lot of checks and general vetting to ensure I'm not some terrorist.

                  Does anyone know if allied nation foreigners can work as security in the USA?.

                  When I was guarding my last assignment one of the employees claimed to have worked in California in a private body guarding firm but wouldn't tell me who it was... either he was lying or was still temp' working for them.
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                    What Duncan and Aussie-S/O Posted.

                    I have worked in the USA previously but for no more than 30 days and there were certain restrictions:

                    1. Employed as a project role (walk in and walk out)
                    2. I had 30 days maximum in 1 hit of working but was in an out in 2 week stints
                    3. Could not been taking the job of a US Citizen (ie. I could not take YOUR job).
                    4. Had to prove it was seasonal or connected with a project or ad-hoc duties
                    5. Were not permitted to bring in `toys` in California or to breach any laws
                    6. Co-operated with LE agencies at all times and report our movements

                    As for moving into LE in the USA I do not know ........... but the UK has some strong police training perfect for the real world.
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                      Ewfr 'Gomulee, As everyone wrote, there is none "nationwide" standard for law enforcement and Security licenses.

                      look U.S.A. as EU. (or future EU)
                      Requirement and regulation for UK police are not same as French police or Spanish police.
                      So as Security license.

                      50 States has 50 different laws and regulations and each Federal Agency has different ones.

                      also, each agency (city, county, state agency) has own hiring policy and regulations.
                      there are more than 100 law enforcement agencies in California alone.

                      I don't know about other States but you have to be Citizen to be Law Enforcement officer in California.
                      Some agency take cadet if he or she already apply for citizenship and waiting to be issued.(but have to be issued "before" graduate academy).
                      Some agency's requirement is "US" high school diploma or GED (won't take UK High school diploma).

                      You don't have to be citizen to be Security officer in California.
                      But have to be legal Visa status.
                      (also, company won't hire you if you don't have legal to work visa status. and you can't even get Driver's license if you can't show proof of legality)
                      Firearm permit issued to only citizen and Green Card (permanent resident).

                      I don't know how long it takes to get US Green card for UK citizen.
                      Because each country has different waiting time.
                      Unless you marry to US citizen or you have proof of US citizen's son or those special conditions, it may take few years to get Green card after you apply to INS. but still no guaranty to be approved after waiting. they may even reject your application at beginning.
                      (it's about 3 to 4 years waiting time after application granted for Japanese citizen)

                      You can start living in US after you get Green Card. (you can work, you can have Driver's license, you can apply for Security licence, almost same as Citizenship but you can't vote and you can't apply for Law Enforcement officer, yet)
                      You can apply for citizenship "After" 5 years since you get Green card (Green card first then apply for Citizenship)
                      If it take 4 years to get Green card (if you will be approved), you have to wait another 5 years to apply Citizenship and it takes up to one year.
                      So, it maybe 9 years to get citizenship from fresh beginning.
                      I think that your friend meant about 9 years (or he misunderstands whole process)

                      or...... Find American chick with your blue eyes Girls in East coast likes British accent.
                      but you may not divoce for 2 years (you can divoce but you have to go back to UK, if you divoce before 2 years)
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                      Not many but few chauffeurs are armed to protect clients.


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                        Originally posted by Limo LA
                        Find American chick with your blue eyes Girls in East coast likes British accent.
                        but you may not divoce for 2 years (you can divoce but you have to go back to UK, if you divoce before 2 years)
                        HAHAHA! oh lucky me.

                        It all makes sense, I guess all I can do now is try and talk to the embassy in person and see where they're happy to go from there when it comes to VISAs.

                        A lot of countries have taken on the
                        ''if you cannot do a specific job WE want you to be able to do... you can't come in''... australia for instance.

                        I think England and America have both started doing a more light hearted version of this but I'll need to confirm it.

                        he he!, thanks for the info!.
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                          I have couple of friends who were UK citizen.
                          I don't know if they are still Green card or has citizenship.

                          but if you like, I can ask them how long (how many years) it took him for whole process.
                          and what category (Married, relative, Ph.D holder or just Job qualification) did he apply for Green card.
                          If you married to U.S.Citizen, it takes only few month to get green card.
                          If you apply for job qualification category, it will take few years.
                          If you have Ph.D, it takes less than job qualification but I don't think 19years old of you have Ph.D. (Master and Bachelor won't count but help)

                          and it doesn't matter how will you get green card, you have to wait another 5 years to apply for citizenship unless you serve for U.S. Military with green card (3 years instead of 5 years)
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                          Not many but few chauffeurs are armed to protect clients.