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How varied is your job??

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  • How varied is your job??

    Hi guys and girls,

    I am currently working doing resort security and have a varied job. Some of the things that we do during our shift include:

    Foot Patrols
    Car Patrols
    EMS duties
    Crowd Control

    How varied is your shifts and what duties do you perform?


    Thanks in advance,


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    Lots' of phone/switchboard stuff.
    CCTV monitoring of 6 cameras (out of about 20 on the site but that's a different thread topic )
    Vehicle patrols.
    EMS duties.
    Hospital Security Officer


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      At my largest site we do:

      Access Control
      Vehicle Inspections
      Mobile Patrols
      CCTV Monitoring
      Vehicle Stops (we wrote 1100 citations in 2007)
      EMS Response
      VIP Escorts
      Accident Investigations (66 in 2007)
      Explosive Detection K-9 Teams
      SRT Team


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        Most of my duties consisted of:
        Perimeter Patrols
        Car Park Patrols
        Loading bay Patrols
        Liasing with Police and other Guards in the area
        Highly visual patrols within the store on the ground floor
        Security Tagging items
        and at one point I got to install a very temporary alarm system while the other was broken.

        Not as professional as everyone else but still challenging for a newbie to the business.
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          1. Expect to go through your diary including incident management, investigations, interviews and meetings.

          2. Expect everything else now expected to happy as when the SHTF - your phone is going to ring when you least expect it.

          When I worked in store level LPM I still arrested and even now I will arrest as I am just a few hundred feet from our flagship store so I can be there in seconds (depending on the elevator), however spending all day doing investigations would bore me, so the variety of SOP's, training, interview panels, lectures, interviews, IT scanning and just visits keep me interested.
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            Our site provides a decent array of duties that can and do vary from shift to shift... mind you variety is good for keeping the job challenging & interesting IMHO

            I agree with NRM's comment above... don't make plans, just be aware of proposed events & be ready for potential occurances
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              My duties

              Currently, I sit around in a junkyard and stare as busted-arse cars. Then, I drive around a car that would be well-suited in said junkyard. That's about it. Then I feed my pet coyote that I've adopted out there. Not much else.


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                Internal patrols
                Set up casual lease sites
                Customer Service
                Car park patrols
                First Aide Attendant
                Access control
                CCTV monitoring
                Jack of all trades and what ever else they decide to add to our list of things to do ... Did I mention Security Guard ????


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                  Managing the day to day ops of our facilities in CT. Including but not limited to:

                  350 cameras and 400 card readers
                  5000+ employees
                  Parking garage
                  Access Control
                  Visitor management
                  Training and development of security staff.
                  Space planning and real estate.
                  Crisis Management
                  Fire Safety.


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                    I can't stand it when a client expects you to answer their bussiness phone calls from customers and transfer people to other departments....And receieve technical support calls for multiple software products and transfer them correctly....and operate the front desk of the headquarters transferring internal calls, and covering for the receptionists when they go on break/lunch and BEING a receptionist 2nd and 3rd shift when calls come in off hours...... You get an earload of technical jargon and just want to say to the person "Um, I'm just building security...." My first 10 months as a security officer was in this setting and thats why I was dying to transfer. When a company is too cheap to have backup receptionists or admins for VPs/Execs double as receptionists and they ask security to do it.....


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                      Hmmmmmmm varied ?

                      As a foot slogger I guess you do whatever needs to be done, but at my level I guess it is anything needed from fashion show security to manning the front concierge desk if we are short staffed, to first aid, to apprehensions, to workplace safety audits, to meet and greet at our airport to even playing bean counter with the financial investigations.

                      We thankfully have a touch screen phone system which confirms by picture the person you are searching for and you can transfer them to the department from the reception. 1 site I used to work at twice a month made the security staff answer the corporate phones from 1500 so the receptionist could go home of a Friday and often the telephone directory had old numbers, old staff or even phantom employees from who knows where.
                      "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu