The Fifth Third Banks where I live all have UNARMED guards from Allied Barton. The first time I saw one of the unarmed guards at the one across the street from where I work (armed, of course, at a check cashing store) I asked him why he was unarmed. He explained to me that another guard from his company had an unintentional discharge from his weapon (he didn't tell me when or where), and as a result, in an attempt to reduce liability, the Allied Barton regional manager decided to disarm all the guards.

Am I the only one who thinks that it is incredibly stupid not only for the company do disarm all the guards because of the actions of one who is utterly incompetent, but also for the bank to continue to employ them? Honestly, what good is an unarmed guard in a bank? If I were the bank manager, I would promptly hire another company if the one presently working at my bank refused to allow its guards to be armed.

As a side note, one of the guards at the bank across the street from where I work does wear a bulletproof vest. However, what good is it to wear a vest to stop bullets if you can't shoot back at the person shooting at you?