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To the office first (a rant)

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  • Eric
    Why do the people that perform at acceptable levels have to pay (time & gas) for the few who do not?

    If the sites are controlled with access cards / cameras you should be able to prove some level of trustworthieness (is that a word). Have your new people or people who do not show up on time prove them selves capable. Could be a class type system where you progress / work to higher trust level with less accountablity.

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  • ChuckyZ73
    started a topic To the office first (a rant)

    To the office first (a rant)

    Ok we just started a new policy in our company that all employees must come to the office and clock in before their shift, however it states in the SOP's that you will not be paid for driving time (15 minutes exactly) to and from post. Also I must pass ALL of the posts on my way to the office to clock in, this is because I live south of Austin all of the posts are IN Austin and the office is north of Austin . Just to kinda give you a breakdown of my night here it is.

    Drive from my house past the post I will work to the office where I will clock in (but subtract 15 min because "we dont pay driving time") then drive back down to the post, at the end of my shift drive back to the office (again not getting paid because "we dont pay driving time") clock out and drive home PAST the post again.

    I figure its my responsibility to get to post so I wont factor any time for that but beyond that I loose an extra $20-$30 per night in time and millage because I have to drive to the office and clock in. If it was to pick up a patrol car or he would actually pay me from when I clock in to when I clock out I would still be pissed but I could deal with it. Am I wrong for being pissed?

    *Edit to add* I don't just want to complain I actually want to come up with a solution to the problem. This came about because people were leaving the post early or showing up late and not marking it down on their time sheets. I will admit this f**cks the owner down but his solution f**cks all of the guards and even us supervisors down to. We also don't have enough manpower for supervisors to be out checking guards every night.
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