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  • Limo LA
    Originally posted by Chucky View Post
    Is it possible to copyright or pattern your face or image?

    May discourage Paparazzi from bothering them since there will be no profit for them.

    Your idea is partially right.

    Unlike skate board kids or Motor cycle gang, paparazzi do for Money, and it's a big money (I can tell by what kind of car they drive)
    To me, looks like they sell their moral to evil for money.
    If nobody pay big money to them they don't sell their soul to evill.
    (That's why they don't take my wife's pic )

    Actors and Actresses already have rights, a lot of kind of copy rights.
    Not only picture, they have right for voice, name,etc.
    and those are very expensive.
    That's why agents make a lot of money too.

    Nobody can use their picture, voice, name etc without making contract.
    (Those are their merchandise. if someone use those with-out contract with them through agent, it will be big $$$$$$ lawsuit. and most of agent (agency) has top business lawers.)

    But "News media" is different.
    When OJ get arrested and prosecuted, no media had to pay to him for his picture on TV news or news paper.
    So as P.H. get arrested, LA times didn't pay to her, neither CNN,NBC....etc.

    ABC don't pay to actors and actresses themselves for coverage of Oscar.
    They pay to Academy organization for exclusive "Show" Coverage but not for individual celebs, because it's a "News media".

    Low class Gossip magazine also be called "News Media".
    at least they are not "Creative arts" like movies and Dramas.

    That's why it's complicated with "Right to press" law.
    They can take copy righted person's pictures without getting sued.
    paparazi are cotributors to (Low class) news media or contracted photographers to (no class) news media.
    if they make T-Shirts, Framed picture or poster some thing like those, they get sued and it will be big $$$$$ lawsuit.
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  • Chucky
    Ok how's this for a new route. Is it possible to copyright or pattern your face or image? That way no matter how many pics they take they can not publish without your written permission. May discourage Paparazzi from bothering them since there will be no profit for them.

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  • Limo LA
    When they (Celebs) attend Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, Emmy, Movie premier, fund raise party, and court Etc...they expect bunch of "official press(with press ID)" followed them and burst flash in every second at inside red carpet and 1000 of fans outside of fence.
    they know It's a part of their job.
    I know what they say inside of car in long night.
    "I want to go home..."
    agent say"One more party,because next party is xyz... then we can go home"
    car stop to red carpet, they show full of smile on face right before they get off.

    Celebs are very patient.

    If I take picture of my wife just got up with messy hair, no make-up in 4 years old torn pajama and slipper on one foot.
    I know nobody would buy it but if I upload that picture to internet.
    I know at least my wife will kill me.

    If my wife and I go to nice restaurant to have good time,
    When we got off car, 10 and 20 of beggars and solicitors surround us within 1 foot on sidewalk and we can't even walk to restaurant.
    I would punch each one of their nose or swing baseball bat 15 times.

    Paparazzi never come inside of red carpet, never come to inside of party, never come to press conference, not even inside of restaurant,club nor hotel.
    I've never seen them wear Press ID.
    Because they can't. they are not official press or anything.
    anyone can be paparazzi tommorow without any contract with any publisher.

    They are almost same as bunch of skake board kids outside of shopping mall.
    15 skate boarder skating at your parking lot.
    You chase them, then they skate on sidewalk just outside of private property.
    You tell them get lost, they say "Hey, we are on public place, you can't tell us what we do !, come here, you touch us, we sue you and your company"
    you go back home and dream for one day you will put firecracker in to their nose and light them up.

    Paparazzi are worse, they drive brand new BMW, Escarade, Navigator...and carrying $3,000 cameras.
    if you do something to them, your face will be on next gossip magazine.
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  • Chucky
    I wonder what will happen when one of our well liked stars get killed trying to flee the Photogs. ( Jack Nic, Johnny Deap, Julia Roberts, Mick Jagger) Isn't it odd that they haunt mostly has beens or in Hiltons case never been. The other day I went to buy PC Connection and maybe some other PC books and they only offered one PC related and at least 15 celebrity mags. I knowww! it's because they sell.
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  • Mr. Security
    It's strange to me that people want media coverage when they start out but complain about it after they achieve notoriety. You can't have it both ways. The same thing with the President - when they run they want media coverage, when they win they complain and hide behind a press secretary. I don't get it.

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  • bpdblue
    Some of them recently got nabbed by the police for reckless driving, and (it sounds like) disturbing the peace, of Brittany Spears.

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  • jbaerbock
    Another reason I dislike reporters as well ( I group them with paparazzi). All they care about is their next story, not what the story could do to a person or people.

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  • NRM_Oz
    I have had only 1 case where I arrested a photographer and that was criminal trespass after he was escorted twice from the premises and had gained entry into the housing estate through tailgating a delivery van. I had grounds for him being arrested because he refused to leave after my 5 warnings (3 visits and 5 warnings to ensure I was more than compliant with the law). All documented and filmed on cctv thankfully with the police sitting back checking on traffic control due to the number of parasites and fans wanting to get a look at the VIP.

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  • Limo LA
    Originally posted by Chucky View Post
    Since I don't know what is required to procure a restraining order I do know that they are issued if wanted to keep someone away from someone that fears harm from that person.

    is it possible to get a restraining order to keep the photog's a minimum distance from their person especially their moving cars?
    as I post on other topic

    I've been looking for best way to keep them out of my clients.
    But I've never reached to solution.

    I think restraining order work for specific person (Ex-wife, Ex-hus, etc), not for "anyone with camera" on sidewalk.
    If client wants restraining order for paparazzi, she (he) has to know every paparazi's name,Address, SS#(?), Phone #.
    There are 1000 of paparazzi on every where.
    He(she) have to hire 100 PIs to serch and investigate all paparazzi's name and address.
    also there is complicated issue with "Right to press".
    I don't know if they are member of any press association.
    I've never saw them wear press IDs, I've never saw them "inside" of G.Globe, Oscar, Grammy, nor press room.
    to my eyes, they are just bunch of amateurs who try to sell gossip pictures which proffecional press won't take.
    but still they can claim themselves as "Press".

    Their activity put everyone (not only Celebs) in danger.
    They double park angle park on busy street, no head light, illegal U-turn,running on street (not sidewalk), push each other or by standers to street, swinging cameras (it may hit somebody), besides blocking sidewalk.
    it almost mini-riot when target come out of car or club (restaurant, Hotel,etc).

    Still many of security has no power (Authority) to control.
    Securities are nothing but "Agent" of clients.
    we can't enforce Vehicle code (Traffic violation).
    They may hit or touch to car or people by accident but as long as it was not intentionally, it is not Vandalism nor battery.
    They are not attempted to steal, challenging fight, nor harm to anybody.

    They are violating many small law.
    But those are not big enough to do citizen's arrest.
    Club or Restaurant security can't kick them out because they are always on public place (public street).
    they have right to be on public place.
    problem is they are not only one or two but 10 or 20.
    It maybe Loitering, but again we are not LEO, we don't enforce public law.
    and their violation are not even misdemeanor, we can not do citizen's arrest.

    if they "intentionally" push or hit anyone (security or bystander) or car, we can arrest him.
    or they challenge fight or making loud noise, it's a "disturbing the peace" violation.
    but they rarely do that.
    (Also, if I arrest anyone, I must turn him down to LEO and do a lot of paper work, I have to leave my duty to protect client for the whole night)

    So, I have no way to arrest them kick them out through them out nor kill them all
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  • NRM_Oz
    They are like cockroaches - kill 1 but their are millions left to go.

    We are all just as guilty as we like the stories and stuff about celebs (think of OJ and his glove story back in the early 90's). We have been overwhelmed with Britany Pics - Posh and Becs (who bloody cares) but people pay big money so these people will do anything for a story or 1 great pic. The shoving is worse that your Black Friday or post Xmas Sales in a Womens Shoe store (sorry ladies but it is true) and I have had people climb onto cars to get that 1 exclusive shot.

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  • Chucky
    started a topic paparazzi out of control

    paparazzi out of control

    Since I don't know what is required to procure a restraining order I do know that they are issued if wanted to keep someone away from someone that fears harm from that person. Like most people I am sick to death of watching on the news how some of these famous people are stalked by the money grubbing paparazzi without regard to the celebrity life or limb ( Princess Di). Granted some celebs like and need this attention but for those that don't is it possible to get a restraining order to keep the photog's a minimum distance from their person especially their moving cars?