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  • Questions about hiring myself out...

    I have around 2-3 (off and on) years of Security Experience and while I know this isn't much compared to some of you, I have some questions. I was thinking about trying to hire myself out to special events etc... in my home area. Are there any particular laws about such a thing? Was planning on making a website and handing flyers out maybe etc...

    Could be possible that I would do a solo guard duty for some event as well, any advice?

    Basically I like having options for income lol.
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    You can try. I don't know if you can or cannot do that.

    Have you considered joining a security company only for part-time event security?

    Thats what I do. I work full time at one company, and part-time with another doing events.


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      It depends on your particular state's requirements...

      In WA you can do it if the 'client' hires you on as an employee, because in-house security employees are not regulated by the state security division. (They only regulate contract employees) In OR on the other hand, the licensing requirements apply to ALL security personnel, so in order to hire yourself out you would basically have to set it up as if you were the owner of a security company, (that you just happen to be the ONLY employee of.. lol), which requires the security management license.. Not to mention business licenses, insurance, etc... Basically, there would be so much work & extra cost involved that it wouldn't be worth it.

      But again, I don't know how your state handles things like this, so you'll need to find local info or wait for one of our other members from your state to speak up.
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        You need to be licensed by the State of MN ($800 for an individual protective agent license, I think). Unless you have 6000 hours of verifiable employment in security or a related field, then you are not eligible for a license.

        Better yet, just take a look at this...
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          6k hours !!!!!!!! that is 2 - 3 years of work !!!!

          Not sure about the USA but if you are going to sub-contract you would probably need a company and insurance plus other things. Either way, I still kept my company licence for that as I often do a bit of consulting on the side and it keeps the bean counters happy for compliance issues.
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            Originally posted by NRM_Oz View Post
            6k hours !!!!!!!! that is 2 - 3 years of work !!!!
            Which in some ways is not enough...
            "To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill." Sun-Tzu


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              Its not just 6000 hours of siting at a post either.You need supervisory experience and audit and survey experience as well.

              If your former employer won't verify your hours, you need pay records to support your claim of 6000+ hours.
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                Ok then I'll just stick to my fulltime job along with my fill-in at another place lol . Thanks though for the advice.
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