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Jury awards $1M to former Harrah's security employee

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  • Jury awards $1M to former Harrah's security employee

    From SIW's "The latest for Security Executives":

    Jury awards $1M to former Harrah's security employee. Woman fired after alerting Missouri Gaming Comission of suspected improprieties.

    Kansas City Star (MO) (KRT)
    via NewsEdge Corporation

    Dec. 18--A Clay County jury has awarded a woman $1 million in actual and punitive damages after she claimed Harrah's North Kansas City Casino and Hotel wrongfully terminated her. Here's the story:
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    Good for her...

    I mean come on, you are hired in a capacity to keep eyes and ears open to exactly this type of activity, you do what you were hired to do... any directive that reeks of potential impropriety and fraud such as this case would have only make me more interested in following up on it...

    she was fired after she alerted the Missouri Gaming Commission that she was instructed by supervisors not to investigate, intervene or report to the commission gamblers who use multiple player cards in violation of state law.
    I'm guessing this was In House security, hired by the casino and not a contract S/O...

    Glad to see people in the Security field with actual integrity enough to say, "Well, my employer knows about this kind of fraud and deceit, but I'm not supposed to report it..."

    ...An they do report it...

    Seems to me the old "nudge nudge, wink wink" thing didn't work in favor of the casino as it may have done in the past; and to boot, the S/O, who was probably making $8.50/hr., is financially comfortable for the immediate future...
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      Very good to hear this.