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Upcoming Interview and possible job...advice?

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  • Upcoming Interview and possible job...advice?

    Well currently I have been working at a Campus Security job for about 2.5 years and rather like it. Problem is since I have finished school I have the availability to work full time and yet only have 2 full shifts (I fill in the rest of the time). This gives me 20-30 hrs per week if I'm lucky.

    Come this Sunday I'm interviewing for an Armored Car Driving position with a reputable company (which thankfully has a branch right here). This would be an armed position of course in which I would be armored and driving the armored Vehicle.

    Now for a few questions, with the above in mind. I plan to wear a shirt and tie (I assume this is ok) for the interview. Are there any particular things I could convey that would impress the interviewer more? What advice do any of you who have had this type of job or still do have for someone just starting it (possibly)? This position is full time as well which would be good on bills. I also have a fellow officer here at my current job lined up to take over for me incase I do get the job. Otherwise my boss usually isn't so happy with people leaving mid-semester.

    So basically I am looking for any advice you have for a job like this that I may be getting into.
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    I don't have any real advise but I wish you luck with your plans.

    I was at a Job Fair for military veterans a few months back and talked to the rep from Brinks. I wasn't really looking for a job with them but I just wanted to learn about the company some. The rep was discussing requirements with me like Chauffers license (Got it), armed certification (been an armed corrections officer and Auxillary officer and have CCW so gun course is no concern) previous security experiance a plus (got that too). I took a pamphlet and told them I'd keep them in mind. I had a extra copy of my resume' so I gave it to them and walked off. They called me 4 times in the next 2 months asking if I would consider working for them. I may never be rich and I may have to work places where I'd rather not work but I've never had a problem finding a job when I needed one to get me through tough times.
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      Additional things might include bringing a copy of your driving record, copies of any specialized training pertaining to security, copies of some of your most recent work evaluations (only if good or above overall rating).

      I recommend wearing a full suit.

      You may also wish to have your answers to questions (like the below listed questions) ready ahead of time:

      1) why are you the right person for the job;

      2) share an experience you had with your current job, where things went bad, and how you handled it.

      Well, I'll keep it to just the above, and hope others will add their own thoughts.

      GOOD LUCK with the interview.


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        You get work evals? I've never even seen one.
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          Any such work will require a driving history check from say 5 years to make sure you licenced. Armoured trucks require another driving class and licence level (due to weight) so this MAY apply in the USA or your state.

          Like any confined space work you need to be thick skinned with some idiots who work from the same depot but think of the guaranteed income every week rather than the NOT KNOWING how much work you will get every week. Good Luck and let us know how you go with the interview !!
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            Well the interview went well and she said she would get back to me by friday. She seemed very positive about the possibility of me working there so I hope for the best.

            I guess their vehicles just fall into the top nitch of the normal license weight range so none needed there although I would have to change my TX License to a MN one lol. They provide the gun and uniform all I need are boots (which I have). They also license me with a gun permit and security state license along with everything else. They pay for my time and mileage. Basically sounds like a very good company to work for. My interviewer was wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt with her gun strapped to her belt so they don't seem too insane with uniform requirements.

            Was interesting because my interview was in a little garage shack in the middle of an industrial section with no signs (fun to find too). Most interesting interview location ever I must say.
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              I would guess you are going out for Rochester Armored, Dunbar, or Loomis, maybe AT or Granite City? What ever it really doesn't matter.

              To drive an armored car in Minnesota you need a regular ol' Class D driver license. It's nice to know your driving record but most of the companies here in the state will hire you if you have a ticket or two but nothing to severe. (Turnover in Minnesota is around 98% for armored)

              Most companies want you to own your own weapon already. Some will help you purchase one. Some will issue you one (Loomis comes to mind)

              As far as interview advise it is pretty basic - Use good sense (I'm not going to say common becasue its not). Be honest, let them know you are willing to work hard and learn the job. Be willing to work overtime. Good credit is usually a requirement but its more there for the idea not in the practical sense. They will run a BCA check or require you to get one - its like 7 bucks and a drive to Saint Paul - as well as a credit check - always make them give you a copy. (the law requires it in MN)

              Don't be too gung ho but be enthusiastic.

              you are afterall just a speedy mesenger man with a really heavy car and a gun.
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                By 98% turnover do you mean most people do not stick with it and go elsewhere or that many people like it and stick to it? I am guessing you meant the first one. This company actually does provide a handgun and uniform (good on my wallet). And yeah I don't really mind being an armed messenger, I think the variation will be better for me than patrolling the small campus I currently do.
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                  Working for an armored car company is one area of security that I would never want to go into. The pay is generally horrible, especially when you weigh the risk versus the reward.

                  I would question just how reputable the firm is if your interview was in some forsaken shack.


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                    you were correct in assuming the first, the average for the industry in Minneosta is 98% of the people hired do not make it through the first year. Not saying that they all get fired or all quit, its a mix. Also so companies are better and some worse.

                    Your lucky that they are providing you with your gun, do they give you the holster and belt and most important - the ammo - too? they should.

                    I can tell you form experience, I have been and instructor in the armored car industry for the past 5 years, get as much training as you can, practice what works and always, always pay attention to detail.

                    The guy or gal sitting next to you may be the one that planned the robbery that is going to happen at the next stop. I'm not saying its going to happen but you have to be prepared for it to happen.

                    Also think about this, I don't know you and i'm not impling anything with my statement, but - Can you take a life, can you point a gun at another and press the trigger, if you had to could you do whatever it takes to make sure that you go home at the end of the day?

                    I have seen far to many people come through into my class that have never thought of the job in that sense. When they do it gets real and some don't come back.

                    If you have thought about all the pros and cons then good for you, enjoy the new career track - although there is not all that much advancement possible.

                    One final thing, if you are looking to get a cop job at somepoint, in my opinion, the campus security gig would look better on your resume.
                    Wisdom - Having a lot to say, but knowing when to keep it to yourself.


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                      Thanks for all the replies thus far. To answer LiveNLearn, they are actually a very reputable company. The interviewer said the reason for the secluded spot was that they didn't exactly want to advertise that they are there with three armored trucks in their garage. As far as taking a life goes, I do believe every life is precious but if it came down to me or them, I'll pick me every time. As far as advancement goes this job looks like an open window for advancement in the company, my current campus job there is no advancement, except to take my bosses job which would be decades from now (he likes his job).

                      As far as becoming a cop, that is one thing I thought about long ago and decided it wasn't for me. I like securing a property or some items but not an entire city. I do plan to make Security my career and I figure this is a good way to get out there vs. a 2 shift a week job at a small private college. And when it comes down to it my wife and I need the money. I do plan to possibly in the future get a better yet job, but for all I know I'll really enjoy this job.
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                        Best of luck. Just thinking, your interviewer may work an escort vehicle or covert pick up of cash (big mistake now) as these are usually YOUR CAR and a backpack as your form of transporting the cash. Many armoured car companies require you to wear steal cap boots as those of us who have had to lift a bag of coins recall how much they weigh when you drop 1 on your foot (they bloody hurt).

                        Most full time Armoured Companies actually pay about 25% more (around $20.00 US) above normal static work but most of the roles are casual so you get no $$$ on public hols. A colleague used to do ATM work which was a simple fill up a machine so perhaps that might be something to look at as the work is very easy and the risk is alot less (1 or 2 cannisters per load) compared to 20 times that per load.

                        Lastly, I will given you all 2 bits of information to research from Australia.

                        1. Karen Brown was a covert CIT guard who shot and killed an armed robber

                        2. CIT guards are being held up not for their $$$ but more for their weapons.

                        Keep safe and best of luck JB with your application.
                        "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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                          Actually the job they are hiring for is 90 days of driver but then they want the person to fill a more jack of all trades position. Some ATM fill ups etc... and other random jobs. It would actually turn into an almost but not quite managerial position which would mean more pay for me etc...
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                            Well they just called today and offered me the job so now I'll have a 40 hour work week during daylight hours like normal human beings. They have yet to fully finish my background check but since I know it it spotless no worries there. I start training this coming week (and lots of it since I have no carry permit or anything). Thankfully they pay my mileage for my hour long trip to the training site. Thanks all of you for your helpful posts and stay safe!
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                              Good luck. I've lived long enough where hindsite tells me I would of never taken the position. Stay safe.
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