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    Hi all,

    I am not sure if this is the right place to place my posting request but I am a private individual who did security guarding 10 years ago and earned basic security qualifications here in the UK.

    I am about to go with a company called Green Man Training based in Tottenham, London.

    Anybody heard of them and confirm they do weekend courses?
    Has anybody trained with them?

    Ain't being sceptical but they are my first choice for training right now as I am not a security officer and need an SIA badge to get back in,

    It's also for part-time work too.


    I could do with the kind of questions I am likely to get asked in my static guarding, patrolling and door supervision roles.

    Time is tight as I barely have a week to get on this course of my choice.
    I am a United Kingdom resident.
    If something seems out of place, let it be known.

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    Sorry, I can't help you with any info on the company.

    But I was wondering if you can explain was the SIA is that you need training for.


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      SIA was referred to as something else about 10 years ago if it is the same thing I am thinking of - your security industry acred (authority I think it might be now) ?

      I did some CPP training in the UK in the late 90's when I was in and out for work - very physical training and less class room that most places. Sorry I am from Australia ....... an watching the cricket go towards India ...... so cannot really help you.

      Many yanks, a few aussies, some canadians and many peepers looking on without joining in.
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        All security guards in the United Kingdom need to be registered.
        All have to take a course and examination if they want to be involved in the security industry.

        They have done the same with unlicensed taxi drivers.

        I was only seeking extra info otherwise will go with the flow.
        I am a United Kingdom resident.
        If something seems out of place, let it be known.