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  • Interview attire

    This is probably a silly question, but I'm just a young college student with not that much experience with "real world politics", and I guess this is a good place to ask.

    Tomorrow morning, I am interviewing for an LP position at a major (national chain) upscale mall anchor clothing store. Now, all of my previous jobs (fast food, I.T., bigbox retail, contract security) have been very casual, and I usually just wore a button shirt, nice jeans, and brown casual loafers to those interviews.

    Basically, what should I wear? A friend told me to wear a standard suit, but I think that might be a little much for this type of job. Then again, I'm not sure if my typical interview attire is enough/appropriate. Thoughts? (especially from LP hiring managers)
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    My suggestion... wear a suit.
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      I dress pretty much the same for all my interviews, better to over dress then under dress.

      Dress pants, nice dress shirt, a jacket if you really want to make an impression (full suit ALWAYS looks great), a solid or light design tie (dont go in there with the light up tie that plays songs...) some nice shoes, do your hair up nice, and last but certainly not least bring a positive attitude and a smile.


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        I'd say definately go with at least a dress shirt, tie and some nice slacks w/dress shoes. ALWAYS have a positive attitude as'll do fine
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          I hope I made my point?

          Unless you can give a good reason not to wear one,

          WEAR A SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

          Did I make that too subtle?


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            First impressions are lasting impressions, therefore wear a suit. I once interviewed at a Kmart store, and the manager stated that I, was the only person that came dressed. All others came in jeans, street attire, etc.
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              A suit is always standard for job interviews.


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                I agree with everyone else. I have been on interview panels and one's appearance can make a world of difference. You can't go wrong with a suit. Well, unless you wear white socks.
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                  If you really think a suit would be major overkill, a compromise between "business casual" and a "suit" would be a sports coat, slacks, tie and dress shoes. No white socks!
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                    The appropriate attire for almost every interview is a business suit. There is only one exception to this, and that is the software engineering field. Since that doesn't apply to you, you need to dress for success.

                    In addition to that, learn to tie a Full-Windsor knot. A four-in-hand is only acceptable for the military and a Half-Windsor knot is not appropriate for a suit.

                    Here is a good tutorial on tie knots:
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                      Yes a tie always. Perhaps a tie and sweater.
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                        Dark suit and conservative tie. I really never consider an applicant who doesn't put some effort into how they dress.
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                          Thanks all, will remember this for the future. It felt a bit silly walking into the store in a suit, but the interview went well and it seems I have a decent shot at becoming an LP associate for this store.


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                            Long ago on Sunday Nights driving to work, Doctor Ruth the
                            Sex Therapist always said to wear clean underwear at a job interview
                            Never knew what that crazy lady meant by that statement, but you never know.
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                              Dress to impress!!!!

                              I couldn't agree more. Wear a suit and tie. Last Tuesday, I was at Operations for a Command Staff Meeting. I walked through HR, and I observed a individual wearing summer shorts, a sleeveless shirt wearing a NY Yankee ball cap on backwards on top of his head. GGRRRRR!!!!!!

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