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    Yeah thats what security is called in denver, while getting some things and research done, while i count down till May when im moving there, i noticed the licensure for Denver, is called merchant guard, which is okay just a funny name. anyways anyone in the denver area care to explain to me some of colorados/denvers laws, as i cant find any for armed guards ? i found stuff on unarmed, but could not for armed....
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    Colorado, I believe, does not license private security at the state level. Individual cities license security personnel in their jurisdiction only.
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      You are right, I spent a few minutes searching as well, very little info for armed. Will you be changing your sign on name?
      Since you have some time before moving, send an email to the City Police / License group and even a couple of the Security Companies.

      I was reading recently Colorado is in the process of changing what Security can carry (firearm wise).
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