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Campus cops, please comment.

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    When I worked on campus, it was quite simple...If you did not have a parking permit ro looked suspcious for some reason, I was going to tell you to get lost. OF course, if you could prove the validity of your visit, i.e. picking up a staff member, I would allow you to stay. Despite the fact that it was "public property" we still had the authority to trespass people. IF you are seen to be in violation of the policies that we enforce, you get removed. Also, if I were to supervise the officer who decided it was ok for you to bend the rules, I probably would at least write him up. Our industry does not need any more flak because of guards not doing their job. There are alot of stupid rules, but we are paid to enforce them. Sidenote, the one that really agitates me is when I work at the bar and I cannot allow the 19-yr old who just got back from Iraq/Afghanistan/Wherever to drink while on our property because of the TABC rules. Dumbest law ever...


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      There is always room for discretion. I don’t think the blind and unconditional enforcement of every policy or law is practical. One trait of any good officer is his/her ability to exercise good judgment while demonstrating the capacity to relate with the public.
      I believe I speak for everyone here sir, when I say, to Hell with our orders.
      -Lieutenant Commander Data


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        I would assume it is private property where there is permission to go into the grounds for those who wish to utilise the property for whatever reason. Same as carparks at night - they are not public roads - HOWEVER - if the streets are marked with road names, are listed in a street directory, then this could be seen as another story.

        Now to toss a spanner into the works, are there signs posted to say - students / staff only ? How would your insurance cover go with being on this land with a student driver ? I am not from the USA but we do have signs posted saying for staff or students only and most are gated areas with checkpoints and nowhere near as massive as the USA colleges.
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