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    In hotels we are regularly asked to prove information about guests that have stayed at the hotel. Everyone from Police Officers to Private detectives working for divorse lawyers & insurance companies.

    We have even had P.I. falsly identifying themselves as police to try & get info.

    Generally we do not give out anything without a warrant. Exceptions will be made to the Police but never right away. We investigate ourselves to confirm it is a Police Officer calling. (EG All Montreal Police phone numbers in Montreal start with 280-, the RCMP 393- etc). We ask for their number & call them back.

    I got a call the other day that confuses me. It was from the RCMP 393-. I called it back & spoke to a Special Agent from the US Secret Service, investigating a credit card fraud. I know the US Secret Service investigated counterfeit but do they investigate credit card fraud? Do they have powers of investigation in forgein countries???
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    I believe the USSS can go international to follow information. They investigate, among other things, money crimes.

    We will release information to a police officer provided they come to me in person. Otherwise, anyone else who wants info needs to bring me a court order.
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      Us Secret Service...

      The US Secret Service does indeed investigate certain crimes like credit card fraud or bad checks, but I can't remember which it is.

      The F.B.I. investigates the one (credit card or bad checks) that the Secret Service does not handle.

      The limits are pretty high for them to get involved though.

      Most of the times I worked with the Secret service were involving funny money, and a couple of times when U.S. Presidents came to town.


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        The RCMP and The FBI/USSS have a fairly close working relationship, and will often collaborated or share liaisons when investigating cross national crime sprees, or pursuing border hopping offenders. Since it involved credit fraud, the investigator could have been part of the Telemarketing Task Force. I believe we actually share a mutual assistance treaty (beyond extradition), but I have not been able to find any documentation to prove it.
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          I don't believe there is any thing restricting the USSS from going international, as long as the country in question allows it. US & Canadian LE agencies often work together. I would guess probably more often than any other two countries in the world. It is also my understanding that the USSS has a hand most banking related issues.
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