Hey, folks. I just got back from meeting with Kenosha Police Department because myself and my girlfriend were detained in a McDonalds located in a convience store. The McDonalds is McDonalds Corporate Property, btw, not the store's property.

While we were eating, the owner of the convience store and a rather large man came up to us. The seats are against a dividing wall, so we were blocked as they outstretched their hands and leaned in. I did not attempt to break free - I am unarmed and the gentleman blocking me in had a tactical advantage. Besides, thie guy could of been a cop - they don't have to identify up here when doing private security.

The owner told my girlfriend that she had committed retail theft, and that they "have video of it." He then said that they couldn't see what she took, and asked her if she took anything. She stated no, and again they said, "We have video of you taking it." The man also stated that he had the police out for this, and this happened last week. So, they are detaining us both in another property for a criminal offense that was committed last week.

The man then demanded that she go with him to watch the video, and we were seperated. I got her coat and things, and decided to wait to see what was going on. The second man was large, young, and reminded me of the New York vs. Skater Guard. The one who was all though and hard, the one who I would of probally had to physically engage if I went into the "store proper."

After about five minutes without the police showing up, the young guy came up, told me that she stole the item, that they know she did it, and that I'm not allowed in his store. I asked him if the police were coming. He said "Get the **** out of my store," and then said, "Your not allowed anywhere near here, or the McDonalds either." He then raised his voice and stated that I'm not allowed near the McDonalds.

So, after meeting with the police - I was unsure of the owner's "give me 10 bucks, oh I'll keep your 20, no reciept, now get out" was a criminal offense in Wisconsin , its civil... I'm going to have a talk with McDonalds Corporate about this whole "Your not allowed on McDonalds Property because I said so." The store's general manager had no idea what to say about this, and is unsure if this order stands. McDonalds has a seperate entrance, and the business is clearly marked as a separate business at all entrances.

I have contacted McDonalds Corporate via email, and will be calling them tomorrow. My girlfriend has to figure out if she wants to file a civil claim against the store for unlawful detention, intimidation, mental anguish, and whatever else a lawyer comes up with.

For me, I see this as yet another reason that people hate private security - even though this guy isn't a security guard. He acted like the most officious and full of himself lackey I've seen in awhile. New York tough guy accent, threatening gestures, and alot of shouting. Not only this guy had me afraid, if I had to fight him, who knows what the counter people keep behind the counter. I don't wear body armor off duty. I don't wear a firearm when out - I can't. So all I can do is bring a knife to a gunfight with an over-eager store clerk who's paid minimum wage.