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Turn your radio on! (a rant)

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    These stories make me glad we run the system we do. Half hour check-ins and if your 15 minutes late, the dispatcher tries to check in with you. If he can't get in touch with you, someone is sent to your post to check on you. You turn your radio off and you get a training citation on the issue. After that is disciplinary action.
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      FYI some radios will destroy the charger if it is left on in the charger. Motorolas are classically known for this.

      If you need a radio at a static position, get a base station or a mobile unit set up as such, don't rely on a handheld.

      I have a handheld that is kept with the truck... I swap out batteries on it every time I assume post, and it's on my person if I'm not in my vehicle. When I'm just opening a gate or something I don't bother carrying it, but I turn up the mobile unit in the truck so I can hear any radio calls that go over the net.

      Did you at least FIRE that sleeping guard?
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        Alright, so we've learned that sometimes it's not a good idea to leave the radio on in it's charger. It's just something regularly done at my site. The officer is sent up to the guard booth with a portable radio and a charger. When he's not walking around the SO can leave the radio in the charger to stay topped off. Many here say it's a bad idea. OK, let's get past that for a minute.
        If the fracking radio is going dead don't just turn it off. Call for a spare battery or radio to be sent out to replace your failing battery. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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          I can't begin to recall how many times I've come on shift only to find the few (or one) remaining radio either left sitting in the charger turned on, placed in the charger incorrectly with no terminal contact, or both...

          I've left memo's posted RIGHT ABOVE the charging stations, as well as in the daily passdown log regarding this, and yet I still find radio's that will for all intents and purposes, be dead halfway through a shift...

          At my site, we use Motorola HT750's which IMHO, are good radios; problem is, the base chargers for those particular radios have charging slots that are too big front to back and when you put the radio in, you may think the contacts are being made, but they're not. This is why I tell my Officers to wait and make sure the "charging" light comes on before leaving...
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