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    The LP guys have a thread on typical days. What is yours?

    Everyday is different in hotels. (One of the reasons I still do it after 30+ years), however there are some things that happen regualarly. Here is a typical day for me. (I work the 3p.m. to 11p.m. shift alone).

    - First 30 minutes briefing with the day shift Officer, reading previous shift reports, logbook & mail.

    - Checking unanswered wake-up calls. We have a rail crew that stays in the hotel. They ask for wake-up calls for 4pm but often leave the room before the call comes in or are in the shower when the phone rings. In my hotel, as in most hotels someone is sent to the room to check when a wake-up call has not been answered to make sure the guest has not fallen ill or worse. (This is when I usually find the people who have committed suicide).

    - Cancelling keys at rooms where the guest is on cash basis & has not contacted the front desk to extend their stay & pay for another night.

    - Scheduling & other paperwork in relation to my duties as Assistant Director for 3 hotels.

    - I then spend about a half hour on the phone with my boss. (He works out of head office & rarely comes to the hotel.

    - Next it is the recording of & filing of the lost & found items turned in by the Maids.

    - Checking in the Maid's key cards. (Making sure all have been returned & tracking down missing ones).

    - Gpoing around the hotel & closing doors left open. (We are undergoing major renovations & everyone from the carpet layers to fire alarm elctricians seem to leave door open no matter how many times you tell them to close them).

    - Checking rooms where the guests were on the "day use" special. To make sure they have actually left. (They pay in advance & often do not pass by the front desk to offically check out).

    - Responding to fire alarms. (The new smoke detectors are very sensitive to the humidity from showers - we are adveraging 5 or 6 alarms a week).

    - Opening safes. (Guest seem to think they need to lock their room safe with their code when they check out, meaning the new guest can not use them).

    - Showing guests how to use their key cards. (Even after all these years of hotels using electronic locks people still do not know how to use them & someone has to go & show them).

    - Lock the pool/exercise area at the end of the day.

    - Going back to open the pool for the owners children that often come to swim after hours.

    - Call my Officers at one of the other hotels to see what is happening there.

    - Debbriefing with the officer replacing me.

    - Go home but stay on call for the 3 hotels for another 6 hours.
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    05:15- on post, check for signs of forced entry
    - turn off alarm
    -interior check: make sure the cleaners did not leave any of the secure area unlocked, saftey/hazard check, pop my head in the server/ups room to make sure none of their alarms are going off because they do not register on my alarm panel.
    - Coffee + check notes email, pass down log, SARs
    - Shoot Email to client just to keep him up to speed
    - Review and log any reports from the day before
    - Clear access, recycle cards, and process receipts on terminated employees (this client loses about 5-8 people a week, so this is almost a daily chore)
    - Sign out push to talk phones/radios (ptts for managers to contact us, radios for custodial staff to contact us)
    - Log all terminations in the pass down book
    - Chech the SIW forum
    - Morning smoke with lead custodian
    - 08:05 first break, (parking lot check)
    - Notify illegal parkers of their "mistake" and politely ask them to move (usually 2 p/d)
    - Check to do list (who knows could be adding new hires (avg 20 per month) usually something involving payroll/scheduling for my guards, currently a list of contractors I need to keep contacting so I can badge them {getting a new A/C system}, and usually video footage I need to review)
    - 10:00-12:00 usually 1 med call per week almost alway between 10-12 usually on Thursdays, continue to do list , and update client again. lunch @ 11:00 (second parking lot check)
    - 12:00-13:00 Zone into CCTV monitor until time to go home, brief the next shift, out the door by 13:15-13:00
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